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Ladies, get familiar with your body

One of the advantages of being familiar with your own physiology from a sexual standpoint, is being able to help your partner when they join you in the bedroom. If you don’t know what it takes to pleasure you, how will they? And more importantly, how will you be able to help them, to help you get there? Masturbation, for all its heath benefits, and there are plenty of them, is great physically and psychologically for exploring your own inner sexual identity. But just like any sexual relationship, we can get stuck doing the same thing time and again, and many...

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Have you ever dressed-up for sex?

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Australia as passionately as it is in North America, but each year it seems to creep into our lives, here down under, a little more. Have you noticed the decorations in the shopping centres at the moment? Or maybe you’ve been invited to a Halloween party, or are planning to trick-or-treat with your kids? What blows me away is the lengths people will go, to buy or make the ‘perfect’ costume to wear, escaping the real-world for a night under make-up and darkness, wigs and accessories, thriving on the thrills and excitement associated with...

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Summer Loving

A lot of people I know seem to be born in Springtime. I seem to have no shortage of birthday parties — mine included —from September right through until Summer. There may be a number of reasons for this, but one has to be that nine months before these people were born, their parents were in the middle of Summer, and Summer seems to make people want to shag. Take a step outside in the Summer sun and people are everywhere, wearing very little, staying out later, they seem to be happier, flirtier, there is a lot more playful body...

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The Sex Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap at this time of year. There is countless chatter about how they are stupid, and no one can ever stick to them. More often than not though, the Resolutions aren’t the problem — commitment is the problem. The turn of a new year is, psychologically, a great time to make some changes in our lives. It has a feeling of renewal about it, a feeling of opportunities and fresh beginnings. Why not ride the wave of these invigorating feelings and get some momentum going on something you know you should devote more time...

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can mean much more than flowers and chocolates The big day of romance is fast approaching. The day where the supermarket aisles are filled with teddy bears, chocolates and just a whole lot of red, and there are queues spilling out of florists all over the country. A lot of people take issue with Valentine’s Day — whether they be singles who feel isolated by a day seemingly geared so much towards couples, or by people who resent the idea that we must select a day to show our true romantic feelings to one another. It may have...

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