Ladies, get familiar with your body

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One of the advantages of being familiar with your own physiology from a sexual standpoint, is being able to help your partner when they join you in the bedroom.

If you don’t know what it takes to pleasure you, how will they? And more importantly, how will you be able to help them, to help you get there?

Masturbation, for all its heath benefits, and there are plenty of them, is great physically and psychologically for exploring your own inner sexual identity. But just like any sexual relationship, we can get stuck doing the same thing time and again, and many experts believe that you should be as adventurous on your own as you are with your partner.    

Maybe you should consider bringing some toys into the situation. Or maybe you should consider trying some new toys. Many people are surprised by the variety of options you have at your disposal, and what they aim to achieve for you in the confines and privacy of your own bedroom.

Here are some options to help elevate your alone time, targeting three distinct areas of pleasure — clitoral stimulation, the G-spot exploration, and the total, blended orgasmic delight.

Concerning the Clitoris

For most women, an orgasm without some clitoral attention is about as rare as a man who’ll cook you dinner, take care of the dishes and have you on the couch with your feet in his hands.

How this erogenous region is most adequately aroused can be the difference between hail and sunshine. For some, direct contact too soon can be too much at first, while for others, direct contact right from the outset is what is required. To fully explore this side of yourself, a sex toy like The Love Bunny is the perfect companion for exploring your clitoral dos and don’ts.

In a toy for this kind of stimulation, you want something that looks friendly, that fits securely in your hand, and that has some level of control. The Love Bunny does just that. It looks like a little bunny toy, which fits nicely and comfortably in the palm of your hand. The ears are the stimulation centres and the eyes offer the user the ultimate control.

G-Spot Exploration

Clitoral stimulation may be one of the surest ways to reach climax, but many will attest to the pure pleasure experienced when an orgasm is delivered via stimulation of the G-spot.

Achieving this level of sexual pleasure requires a little more time, effort and self-indulgence but the exploration is worth it.

If you’re unsure where the G-spot is, many experts believe that using your fingers to find it is a better way of starting out. You’re fingers are obviously more tactile than maneuvering a toy throughout that region in the short-term. Then, once you have learned where the promise land resides, it can be very rewarding to bring a sex toy into the situation.

Start by inserting your finger about two inches inside, and gently stroke along the inside front wall — imagine you're moving your way up towards your stomach with your finger. Once the surface area has a slightly different feel to it — often it’s a little rougher to touch — you're in the magic area. If you’re fully aroused or at least well on the way to being fully aroused, before your G-spot search begins, the more pronounced and the more sensitive your G-spot will be.

Once you get more experienced with this kind of action, it might be time to explore the option of bringing in some additional reach and stimulation. The Juicy Jewels — Jasmine G-spot is a girl’s most trusted companion. With a kink in its form, for extra reach, and made from a super-soft phthalate-free jelly that makes it suitable in the bedroom or the bath-tub, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Double Orgasmic Delight

Reaching climax in any particular way in a sexual experience is always the desired outcome, be it on your own or with your lover, and whether it’s through clitoral stimulation or the magic G-spot. When both stimulation methods are contributing to your orgasm, it’s like lift-off.

And it’s here where a sex toy can really take your masturbation to new heights.

The Rabbit has gone from being shrouded in mystery to the staple of solitary pleasure right across the globe, with women swearing by it. The Ovo K5 White Lilac Rabbit is quickly becoming the industry leader. It’s stylish, feminine design and ease of use sees it offer the ultimate in clitoral stimulation while reaching your G-spot for the ultimate blended orgasm.

Whisper quiet so your housemates won’t know what you’re up to, while also being shower resistant, if a diamond is a girl’s best friend, the Ovo K5 White Lilac Rabbit is your best friend in the bedroom.

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