Magnetic Nipple Clamps

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Designed for smooth and easy play, magnetic nipple clamps are easy to use. Making your nipple perk with pleasure, they provide the perfect pinch every time for those wanting to gently explore. Made from steel these magnetic nipple clamps are great for use in temperature play; you can place them in the freezer or in hot water to really tease and torture your partner.


Available in many different designs you can adjust the squeeze to the desired level. Some encrusted with rhinestones add bling to your play and a glamorous but firm approach to nipple play. Clamps can give mild, strong or intense pressure, depending on how much you tighten them and which ones you choose.They are generally fine to use on inverted nipples or those with piercings, just pull and clamp.

Clamps contain the blood within the nipple, making them super sensitive. We recommend only using them for 10 minutes at a time to begin with and keeping in constant communication with your lover so that you don’t go beyond your limits.

If you feel that your body is asleep sexually, nipple clamps are a brilliant way to ‘wake it up… Taking off the clamp is when the real party starts. This is when blood rushes back into the area and pain or pleasure can be at its most intense. Remove quickly or slowly. Experimentation is key. The sensation you are left with after having nipple clamps removed can last for days. Delicious thoughts of your previous session can leave you in a state of orgasmic bliss and we’re all for that.

Adding more eroticism to your play will only intensify the feeling of nipple clamps. Mix it up with cuffs, a blindfolds or some good old fashioned role play and really enliven your body and relationships. Magnetic clamps are rarely beginner friendly and should be approached gently with calm expertise but all bodies can enjoy nipple clamps and you don’t even need a partner to enjoy the arousal they provide.

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