Have you ever dressed-up for sex?

Sexpert Opinion

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Australia as passionately as it is in North America, but each year it seems to creep into our lives, here down under, a little more.

Have you noticed the decorations in the shopping centres at the moment? Or maybe you’ve been invited to a Halloween party, or are planning to trick-or-treat with your kids?

What blows me away is the lengths people will go, to buy or make the ‘perfect’ costume to wear, escaping the real-world for a night under make-up and darkness, wigs and accessories, thriving on the thrills and excitement associated with the night.

People really do love a dress up, and it got me thinking. Have you ever dressed-up for sex?

Dressing up and playing a starring role in the bedroom, as someone completely different to your regular personality and character, is a great way fulfil your fantasies (and your partners) and to spice up your relationship; and shouldn’t just be limited to one night in October every year.

You can let your imagination run wild, and although role-playing isn’t only about dressing up, it can really help bring the fantasy to life.

Just like the costumes on Halloween, the possibilities for exciting transformations in the bedroom are endless; and for those whose sex-life has stagnated, it’s a sure fire way to bring the spark back, as the sense of unknown, mystery and excitement builds.

From traditional authority figures like fire-fighters, police officers and teachers, to doctors and nurses, school girls, sailors or maids, to action heroes like James Bond, Catwoman and Batman – You are limited only by your imagination, so why not talk to your partner about it today (or keep it a secret and surprise them) – and let the fun begin!

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