What She’s NOT Expecting this Mother’s Day

What She’s NOT Expecting this Mother’s Day

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It’s Sunday morning, you’ve made the woman of your life some breakfast in bed and the day is followed activities and relaxation! When the kids have finally fallen asleep you think to yourself “time for the celebration to come to a close with a night of embrace”, well if you want to spice up the night to make it extra special here are a few little online shopping tips for some female sex toys that we’d like to tell you about.

Whether its her first Mother’s Day or you’re many years down the line, it’s important to listen to her body postpartum! Maybe she likes a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little buzz or hum in places that may surprise you!

Starting with her “Mother’s Day Flower”; You should know by now what she likes (hint, listen for the moans and groans) but in the weird case you don’t the best bet is to go for something that does it all! I am indeed talking about the rabbit vibrator, a well known star in the female sex toy world! The toy well known for it’s multitasking, much like the partner, which she likes to mock you for. Rabbit vibrators deliver strong vibrations to both the clitoris and g-spot which can result in multiple intense and wild blended orgasms! Check out a range of these fabulous buddies here.

Rabbit Vibe

Special occasions are also a great time to dwell into new territories, maybe you want to act out that scenario you’ve talked about, y’know the one where she’s been a “bad girl” or you’ve been a “naughty boy”, well don’t hold it off any longer! Bondage is a great way to strengthen your relationship with levels of trust and intimacy as well as become finely tuned with your own bodies! The sensation of touch with one another can simply be heightened when you take sight out of the equation, and having a browse of our very own range sold right here in Australia! Specially designed and soft to the touch (only until one screams “harder”) Magic Touch Bondage should surely put an idea or two in your heads.

magic touch bondage

What’s better than one good gift? Several smaller gifts to make the main look great! When you’re browsing toys its also important to take a wander through lubricants and cleaners and I’ll tell you why. The smallest amount of water based lubricant on a silicone based toy can make everything go right! Just a few drops on the toy and a few more on the body and you’re good to go, but it doesn’t end there. Cleaners are the next step to maintaining your new goodies so you can recreate the fun for a longer period of time! Shop the the accessories right here.

Adult Enhancers

It’s all up to you now! Start that Mother’s Day shopping by thinking what makes her purr, and go from there! Who knows, maybe this could happen every Sunday if you play it right!

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