Reinvigorate the foxy lady in your life!

Reinvigorate the foxy lady in your life!

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Sometimes as we go through big life changes - like becoming parents! Coming into Mother's Day again let's give some extra lovin' to the woman of the house.

Becoming a mum she may conflict with herself and the new responsibility, as she may feel undesirable after gaining a little weight, her figure has changed, and she finds it difficult to find the lover in herself. She will still love you but where is her desire for sex? It is not a turn on to be asked about having sex while she is dealing with screaming kids, the house is a big mess and she is making dinner. The answer is going to be no!   

You can change this and help her find sexual desire and passion to improve the sexual intimacy together, by introducing female sex toys this Mother’s Day from our ever-popular couple's collections.

Female vibrators are designed for women by women who really understand how to stimulate themselves to orgasm - or multiple orgasm - I should say, that are amazingly intense and earth shattering. She will be overcome with pleasure in less than a minute. Your lover will be rediscovered. Fan favourites are the clitoral suction vibrators which provides incredible clitoral intense orgasm in less then 60 seconds, G-Spot and vaginal orgasms too that are amazing!  The Magic touch Aurora is exclusive to Club X and is available in store and online.

Female Sex Toys provide unique suction technology for clitoral stimulation with touch-free operation to ensure fast multiple orgasms. The clitoral sucking stimulator has many suction and vibration modes. These Female Sex Toys can also be used for nipple suction stimulation and the unique shape allows for virginal and G-Spot stimulation. Female Sex toys are silicon soft available in many colours, different shapes and sizes.

Female Sex Toys allow women to rediscover sexual pleasure for themselves which will increase her sexual desire and passion to rekindle amazing sex with you. Sexual desire is not automatic with women, we like romance, fantasy and embrace without sex. Spooning with your partner who has boner, immediately kills the romance. There are times when vigorous sex, is enjoyable and it’s more likely to be when she is already aroused.

You can help her get in the mood by creating a loving boudoir with soft candlelight and beautiful sexy lingerie, and exciting kinky couples’ products! The range is exceptional to browse, shop and enjoy!

Female Sex Toys give women courage and a voice during sex to express her feelings and the opportunity to tell you what she likes or doesn’t like. Female Sex Toys have created sexual equality individually and for couples.

Creating a healthy loving sexual relationship is important for our mental health, which spills over into all areas of our life. Make Health and sexuality your lifestyle choice.


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