This Mother’s Day put your wellbeing and happiness first with these handy toys you'll love. For those of you looking to add some spice to your life alone or with a partner, here are our top 5 recommended toys this Mother's Day.

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5. Use a relaxing sex massager

Get spoiled this year with a home massage kit. It can be as simple as a basket packed with body oils, candles, rose petals and a massager such as the Evoke Sol-O Wheel Vibrator.

Evoke Massager

It features a grooved massaging wheel that rolls over the body to relax and invigorate muscles. The soothing vibrations stimulate nerves to increase circulation and reduce stress. With these relaxing essentials, you can enjoy the touch of a master masseuse whenever you need.

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4. Feel special with flattering lingerie

You have a uniform for work, spare t-shirts for laundry day, but what about clothes for yourself? Celebrate natural curves with some luxurious lingerie that will surely turn partners heads.

Evoke Massager

A Peekaboo Teddy offers a one-piece item that will flatter your waist, hips and bum. Complete the fantasy by pairing it with thigh high stockings that elongate the legs.  With your new found confidence, you can laze around the bedroom with a glass of wine, or have a date night with a special someone.

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3. Explore a new world of pleasure with an erotic kit

You deserve the chance to explore your sexuality. Give yourself the opportunity to do so with the Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Kit.

Evoke Massager

Together with someone you trust, discover the thrills of BDSM. There’s an eye mask for heightened sensations, silky restraints for bondage and a flogger for impact play. Other items include a bullet vibrator, plug, nipples clamps and more. A gift like this gives you the freedom to discover yourself and live an enriched sex life. It may also lead to healthy conversations about sex, and sexual development with your friends and partner. If you feel uncomfortable asking for this gift, maybe just leave the kit open on their mobile browser for them to accidentally look at.

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2. Spend some quality alone time with a clitoral stimulator

When you’re working around the clock, there’s little time for self-care. The Zumio Intense Clitoral Stimulator is made with a busy lifestyle in mind.

Evoke Massager

It pulses and whirls to mimic the finger motions that effectively massage the clitoris. This concentrated and realistic stimulation can lead to orgasms within minutes. Whenever you have a moment to yourself, indulge in your pleasure for a midday stress reliever. 

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1. Care for your health with a kegel exerciser

While making sure everyone else is ok, sometimes mum’s neglect their own health. With an Elvie Kegel Exerciser, you can look after your body by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Evoke Massager

Regular practice will help you achieve stronger orgasms and gain better urine control. This means you can laugh again without worry about having an accident. For safe and effective use, the exerciser comes with an app that offers real-time guidance, perfect for beginners.

As cheesy as they may sound, remind your loved ones that it’s the thought that counts. They should just relax and choose whatever they think is best.

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