What if Your Girlfriend Wants to Use a Sex Toy?

What if Your Girlfriend Wants to Use a Sex Toy?

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With sex toys becoming a more accepted part of modern day sex culture, it’s important for men not to feel intimidated by the technology and instead view them as a valuable tool for enhancing physical intimacy within their relationship.

If your girlfriend suggests that she would like to try using a vibrator, it’s important not to feel upset that you are not satisfying her in the bedroom. This is not the case. For a lot of women, orgasming during sex is not easy, regardless of how much they are enjoying the intimacy. According to an analysis by Elisabeth Lloyd, only around 25 percent of women are regularly able to climax during vaginal sex. This means that around 75 percent of women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone, regardless of factors such as sexual prowess or penis size.

For most women, extra stimulation is often needed for orgasm. Sex toys are intended to assist women to climax. If your girlfriend does suggest using a sex toy like a vibrator, a rabbit or a dildo you should see this as an opportunity to empower her and take an active role in helping her achieve a higher level of pleasure.

There is a huge variety of different sex toys these days to try to maximise pleasure for both parties that it is definitely worth a shot.

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Sex toys are also a great way to spice up your sex life. It can be intimate to try new things together. Maybe she’s really excited to try something a bit kinkier and the fact that she wants to try it with you shows that she cares. In reality, using toys like dildos, vibrators or even anal plugs are no different to using handcuffs. Using a sex toy also allows you to have more control over her orgasms. You decide when to use it, how long to use it and what setting to put it on. Some modern-day vibrators like the We-Vibe Sync even pair with an app which allows you to choose when she climaxes.

And just because your girlfriend buys a sex toy, it does not mean that she will abandon you for it. A study by Debby Herbenick of 2,000 women found that more than fifty percent of them used a vibrator. Most importantly, 41 percent of these women had used a vibrator with a partner, for example during foreplay or during sex. The study also found no link between women using vibrators and wanting less sex with their partners. If your girlfriend buys a sex toy, sure she may very well use it when you’re not around, but this does not mean that she wants to replace you or that the vibrator is better than you are. Just as you might like some alone time to masturbate and yet still enjoy sex, she probably feels the same and will be more than happy to use the sex toy with you.

A lot of sex toys are made so that couples specifically  can use them. So, if your girlfriend suggests using one, don’t shy away from the opportunity, have a go and have some fun!

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