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Four Toys for Fantastic Foreplay

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"Penetrative sex is not the only physically intimate act couples can engage in. Foreplay is just as important and can feel just as good! It’s fun, it’s thrilling and it actually serves a vital role when having intercourse."

The Importance of Foreplay

It’s no lie that sex starts to lose its spark when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for an extended period of time, which tends to mean you that skip out on foreplay altogether. Pepper Schwartz, author of 50 Great Myths About Human Sexuality, warns that skipping or shortening the length of foreplay generally decreases how pleasurable the following sex is. This is because foreplay serves a very important biological function; it increases arousal and readiness for sex.

According to Kat Van Kirk, PhD in Clinical Sexology, a lot of physiological changes happen during foreplay. For men, foreplay leads to increased blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection and heightened sensitivity. For women, the clitoris becomes erect, there is increased blood flow to the vagina, resulting in increased vaginal lubrication, and increased pelvic muscle tone, allowing the vagina to expand, ready for intercourse. Oxytocin is also released which reduces stress levels and increases relaxation. Therefore, going straight to sex without engaging in foreplay can mean your genitals aren’t ready for intercourse, making the experience more painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Foreplay is also important for helping to create a place of trust. Taking the time to know and appreciate one anothers bodies before hopping straight into sex means both parties can feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr Ruth Westheimer, a psychosexual therapist and professor from New York University reminds couples of the importance of foreplay for women. As it generally takes longer and is harder for women to orgasm, extensive foreplay can dramatically increase the chances of climax by giving her the time she needs to reach that level of arousal.

With foreplay being an important part of any sexual encounter, here are four different toys perfect for getting you and your partner in the mood.

Board Games

If you’re looking for something fun and a bit kinky, playing a couple’s board game before sex is the perfect way to build excitement. There are a huge range of board games available, most of which involve challenges and competition. Some games, like Hump! involve asking your partner intimate questions and following different foreplay tips, while other games like Sensations have you focus on your five senses, creating an intimate and seductive prelude to sex. Board games are a sexy addition to any foreplay routine.


Using a blindfold is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to spice up your foreplay. The person donning the blindfold takes a submissive role, allowing their dominant partner to touch, caress and tempt them. As the person using the blindfold cannot see, they have to rely on their other senses, especially touch and smell. This helps to heighten arousal as the person wearing the blindfold surrenders themselves to their partner. Overall, using a blindfold is a fantastic way to build suspense and desire before sex. There are numerous blindfolds to choose from at Club X. Find some here

If you want to spice up your foreplay even more, explore the entire bondage and fetish collection that will be sure to arouse and engage.

Finger Vibrators

For those really wanting to arouse their female partners, finger vibrators are the perfect foreplay toy! Small but powerful, finger vibrators are perfect for couples as they are very easy to use. The fantastic thing about finger vibrators is that they aren’t just made to be used on the clitoris; you can use them in places with lots of nerve endings such as the nipples and inner thighs. This is a perfect way to excite your partner before intercourse. It also works very well when used with other foreplay items such as blindfolds or restraints.

Massage Oil

If you’re looking for an extremely sensuous foreplay experience, using massage oil is a flawless way to connect with your partner. Caressing each other’s body builds trust and allows for complete relaxation. And, as mentioned above, the more relaxed you and your partner are, the better the sex. Massage oils are available in a variety of sensual scents as well. If you really want to give your foreplay sensuous undertones, the Kama Sutra Massage Candle serves not only as a romantic candle, but when melted turns into scented massage oil. The Kama Sutra Essentials Romantic Travel Purse includes a collection of oils as well as a feather tickler, perfect for playfully tempting your partner.

Foreplay can often be the difference between a good sexual experience and a bad one. Mastering foreplay is crucial to being relaxed, comfortable and aroused and should be considered a key part of every sexual encounter. Using blindfolds, board games, oils and finger vibrators create a fun, relaxing atmosphere to add extra stimulation and sensations that intensify arousal and pleasure. So go on and explore the amazing world of foreplay with some trusty tools and toys that will be sure to make sex even more pleasurable.

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