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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate romance and love by spoiling and pampering the special person in your life.  What about your Secret Valentine? Do they know you exist?  Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to reveal your true feelings with a sensual gift of glamorous, elegant lingerie, with pretty, silky soft lace, or to make your intentions known with a sleek lace mask and scented hot massage oils for pampering.

There are many ways to show your love for the special person in your life. When you love someone, it can be all-consuming and overwhelming, feeling lost for words and unsure how to convey your true feelings. Lyrics from songs, poems, famous from films or authors are great, but for the perfect gift, ensuring the sexual connection quotes of pleasure and playfulness in the bedroom, Club X is your go-to store. When couples introduce sex toys to their lovemaking, they can discover and experience new and different ways to enjoy their lovemaking, achieving higher levels of arousal and more intense orgasm.  

Celebrate the love you feel by surprising your partner or lover with a sexy gift, igniting the passion and lust that was evident in the early days of your relationships. Bring alive those heady lusty days of frenetic lovemaking by adding some stimulating sex toys, lubes, and body oils that will make you both feel pampered and sensual, creating fantasy and excitement. Sharing these pleasures and emotions will make you feel closer and sexually empowered.

Magic Touch, exclusive to Club X has a fantastic range of sex toys. The unique clitoral vibrator Aroura will have your lover reaching her Screaming O in seconds, while you could both enjoy sensual anal play pleasure with our multi-sized Magic Touch Butt Plugs. The Winner Rabbit Vibrator will provide sexual pleasure together, stimulating all areas of your body, inside and out. Sensual, exciting, flavoured lubes that are fun and provide hours of enjoyable sex play. Lighten up the mood and have a giggle with the glow in the dark lubes while mixing it up with our many varieties of condoms providing variety and safety. During role-play, sharing secret fantasies will build on sexual intensity and experimentation, including bondage play, with lovely soft restraints, handcuffs and light paddles and feather ticklers. Bondage kits are available in starter kits for beginners, leading up to more hard-core products for the more experienced bondage players. Bondage involves a lot of fantasy and role-playing, that is fun and exciting when you have set consensual boundaries to ensure safety and trust.  

Consider your loved one's experience when introducing sex toys, and if their experience is limited, start with conservative products that are not intimidating. Intimacy is the secret to fabulous lovemaking that is spontaneous and mutual in desire. Sex-toys allow your imagination to take you to levels that you have never experienced together. Find orgasmic pleasure together, arranging intimate settings with gorgeous food and wine to be sure to find that erotic happy place together.

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