A new New Year's Resolution

A new New Year's Resolution

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I have never been a big one for having a new year's resolution, this coming year, however, will be different.  This year, I want to explore my sexuality as I have never done this before. Why, may you ask, did I decided to do this? As someone who has always subscribed to self-improvement theory, my sexuality is something I have not thought much about. Many of my friends' children have come to them seeking guidance around their sexuality as they are not sure whether they are gay, straight or something undefinable. It prompted me to think about something that I have never thought about before, my sexuality.


As an adolescent, I considered myself to be of a particular disposition, and I never really questioned it. Now I'm far more interested in exploring to understand what things I like and what things I don't like. Like many other people who have been in long-term and short-term relationships or those single for prolonged periods through choice, I have come to understand that one's sexuality can change due to the dynamic of the current situation. As a guiding principle, I have always wanted my partner to enjoy the experience as much as, if not more than, myself.


With this in mind, it becomes challenging when you overlay your preferences plus the challenge of ensuring your partner's happiness.  So, what are your options? For example, if you like things over and done with quickly and your partner requires a long, drawn-out experience, how can you achieve both? I had never considered sex toys before; however, after being made aware of their possibilities, I believe I have discovered the answer to many of my questions.


In a loving relationship, there is nothing more rewarding than bringing pleasure to your partner. Buying lingerie for your partner can be a fantastic experience, and ultimately there is something in it for you as well. Some people prefer to be surprised when others will want to come and choose for themselves; either way; you enjoy the result. Seeing your partner attractively changes the dynamic of what sometimes can be deemed monotonous. It's this simple change of attitude that can keep the fire burning bright in any relationship. If we consider this to be step one, then what does step two look like?


I have started to research the development of vibrators for both men and women. I was astonished to see how many devices are available and how far they have come in terms of technology through recent history. As far as women are concerned, the variety of clitoral stimulation is mind-blowing, and as for men, the range of masturbators is just as impressive. Materials are state-of-the-art, and features are quickly learnt and easy to access. Generally, they are whisper quiet and would add many new dimensions to any intimate situation. Whether as a couple or as a single, these toys bring new ideas and make you understand your sexuality in new and intriguing ways.


The first thing I had to do was open my mind to new possibilities. Then I had to discover the information that would inform me of what my newfound understanding of my sexuality might mean. A great source of information was the ClubX stores as well as their website. In summing up, this is one resolution that I intend to maintain not only for my self-understanding of sexuality but also for those I am intimate with.

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