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Love A Bunny This Easter

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Don’t give me chocolate eggs this Easter I want a bunny! Not a soft fluffy toy that won’t give me pleasure, excitement and multiple orgasms, but a Rabbit Vibrator that will have me screaming my own name in less than a minute. A Rabbit Vibrator is the best toy your lover could receive, as it keeps on giving, ensuring intense long-lasting orgasms over and over again. 

Asking yourself what is all the fuss about a Bunny Vibrator? Have you been living under a rock? The Rabbit Vibrator became the go to sex toy following the famous Turtle and the Hare episode on Sex in the City in the late nineties. One of characters Charlotte, fell down the rabbit hole of ecstasy experiencing her first orgasm using a Rabbit Vibrator. It was shown around the world, resulting in a sell out in sex shops, by women seeking individual sexual empowerment and orgasmic pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrators have been scientifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and your G-spot simultaneously. Some have independent motors for varied vibrations internally and around the clitoris. Some rotating Rabbit Vibrators may have pearls that rotate around the shaft when inserted, while others will have a thrusting motion simulating intercourse. Many women including myself will experience dual orgasms - vaginal G-spot and clitoral orgasm simultaneously. A truly amazing experience. Rabbit Vibrators are made with various materials, although I prefer smooth silky silicon.

At ClubX we have various shapes and sizes in length and circumference, available in a wide range of colours ensuring non gender specific choices.  The Magic Touch Winner, exclusive to Club X is my favourite Bunny. The Winner is made with soft silky silicon that feels amazing. It has powerful vibrations, with multiple modes and is very quiet. This Bunny is USB rechargeable and is my bath and bedroom companion, providing immense pleasure and long-lasting intense orgasms. Amazing!!

Magic Touch The Winner Rabbit Vibrator

 A recent survey in Woman and Home stated that 32% of women over forty masturbated to relieve stress, while 28% said they masturbated to help them sleep. Due to their busy life style the preference was for a Rabbit Vibrator, as it ensured they would climax quickly. This reinforces the Club X theory that Sexual Health and Wellbeing is vital to maintain a healthy you. As we age our hormone levels change causing a decrease in libido and vaginal secretions which can result in uncomfortable sexual experiences. The Rabbit Vibrator is excellent for beginners who would like to find their own sexual pleasure comfortably and independently. 

When using a sex toy for the first time ensure your toy is completely charged. Take it slowly, in perfect surroundings that will help you become aroused. Ensure you have a range of lubricants as these will help you feel lubricated and sexy. Soft lights, scented candles, music and most importantly, privacy. Go through all the settings on your toy trying them on different areas of your body, identifying the areas that give you the most pleasure. Your Bunny is a versatile toy which can be enjoyed with your partner but an amazing toy to enjoy on your own.

My Rabbit Vibrator is a loyal companion in my boudoir. It won’t send me a birthday card or flowers on my birthday, but it will give me intense long-lasting orgasms whenever I want. I’m in love! 

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