REVIEW: Get Drawn Into The Vortex of Delight

REVIEW: Get Drawn Into The Vortex of Delight

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Every now and then you come across a product that blows you away. The Vortex by Magic Touch had my partner and I blowing away for hours. Do not be fooled by the small packaging, this baby is up there with the Rabbits.

The Vortex incorporates a clitoral suction head with an internal resonator designed to massage your g-spot during intercourse, while your lover experiences the stimulating vibration on the penis. The Vortex design makes it a perfect couples toy.  It is very user friendly, comfortably slim and made with soft silicon.

  • Vortex is body safe, discrete in size and incredibly quiet so you can make sure you take it on your travels.
  • It's unique and exquisite sucking power makes it a wonderful foreplay buddy.
  • The Vortex is the ideal product for those recovering from childbirth, or who have experienced uncomfortable intercourse. Menopause can be a time when your libido is low, and you a need more gentle approach to sex.
  • The Vortex is waterproof so whether you're alone or with a partner in the bath or shower, you've found the perfect toy to relax with.

For comfortable pleasure, ensure you have a gentle lubricant that is suited to you and your toy. Our Club X consultants will be able to provide excellent advice on a suitable product for you or check out our range here.

The variety is huge including those with Vitamin E or aloe vera to ensure the correct PH balance in your vagina. The Vortex is a silicon product therefore only water-based lubricants should be used. It is wise to clean your toy with a good quality toy cleaner before and after use. 

Magic Touch Vortex

And now to the Vortex experience!

Feel the Vortex's soft gentle tickle to your clitoris using the lower setting which will ensure relaxation, then move through the range of modes, building excitement and mounting ecstasy.

Gently insert the resonator to massage your g-spot, increasing the intensity now to the highest setting. Feel the pulse of the vibrating resonator on your g-spot, the penetrating pleasure will drive you wild causing your legs and body to stiffen and lift, moaning with overwhelming pleasure, spinning until you explode to orgasm! You may need a little time to adjust to the intense experience you've just had. 

For a limited time only, you can find the Magic Touch Vortex in our Mother's Day Bundles. Treat yourself today!  


Vortex and Royale Bundle


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