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Magic Touch Fun Vortex Clitoral Suction Massager

Magic Touch Fun Vortex Clitoral Suction Massager

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Unique exquisite Sucking Power

• Self pleasuring and it is also a great Couples Vibrator
• Insertable resonator ideal for partner to help with your ultimate climax
• Body safe with soft touch finish
• Also fabulous in the bath or shower
• Discreet size
• Travel friendly companion
• Very quiet operation


What is a VORTEX?

Technically in air a VORTEX is the flow of air around an object.

This movement of air is referred to as vortices. If the object can vibrate around a fixed position we have the possibility of sim­ple harmonic motion; and if the frequency of this driving force matches the natural frequency of the oscillation, then resonance is obtained.

What Does this mean for the MAGIQUE VORTEX?

In the same way our Aurora massages rather than vi­brates the clitoris so does the new VORTEX.
The gentle movement of air when held over the clitoris produces a force similar to a VORTEX.
With no physical contact to the clitoris but rather the movement of air by a vac­uum being produced and released closely simulates the ultimate cunnilingus experience.

You are in total con­trol. Not reliant on a part­ner to hit the right spot, with the correct amount of sucking and caressing that only you can really appreciate. No matter how good your partner/lover is they can­not consistently hit the ultimate clitoral orgasm.

The other feature of the Magique Vortex is it is not limited to the your personal operation.
Products like the Aurora/ Womaniser and Satisfyer are fabulous devices to quickly reach an orgasm without any input from your partner. If you are in a relationship and you would like your
partner to participate in your erotic journey then the VORTEX is the ideal toy for most couples, with your partner able to use the additional resonator. 

The RESONATOR is perfectly shaped for vaginal insertion and this is ideally suited for another set of hands making your partner an active participant in your multiple orgasms. The combination of you
controlling your clitoral ex­citation whilst your partner can insert and move the resonator in your vagina provides an explosion of simultaneous pleasure and it cannot be under played that most partners enjoy the visual stimuli from as­sisting in inserting and moving the resonator whilst inside the user.

The Resonator can also be used on your own as a stand alone internal or external vibrator. The Resonator is also a very comfortable size for women with tight or sore vaginal passage that may find the penis and some other vibrators to be too large for a pleasurable ex­perience.

Couples Vibrator

The Vortex is also possi­ble for your partner to use the resonator against her vagina whilst you hold the vortex against your clitoris. Men can also use the reso­nator to vibrate against his penis. So it is not just agender specific product or a product exclusively for personal use. The resonator is primarily designed to amplify through reso­nance of the vaginal region to create anew sensation BUT providing you take healthy precautions such as a condom it can also be used anally for any gender.

It is true that the Aurora genuinely scored the highest of all adult products includ­ing competitors like the Womaniser. But the Vortex for less has multiple applications and will pro­vide a similar clitoral experience. The size is ideal for trav­elling or carrying in a purse.
Very quiet in operation (except for the orgasmic scream from the user)

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