Singles Guide to Valentine's Day - A Night With Toys

Singles Guide to Valentine's Day - A Night With Toys

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We’ve all had a time in our lives where we searched everywhere for someone to join us, not caring who it was, as long as we weren’t alone. It’s that yearly fear of spending another February 14th without someone. That worry of having no one besides you to cuddle, not having a romantic dinner with flowing wine, and intimate conversation.

But I ask you.

Who says that Valentine’s day is for couples?

Who says we need to feel miserable because we didn’t find someone to spend the day with? Let’s be honest, we could be just as happy sitting at home with our trackies, ice-cream and Netflix.

Even though Valentine’s Day has always been geared towards couples, love doesn’t just come from two people in a relationship.

Love starts somewhere closer to home. You.

The thought of self-love has always had a negative connotation to it, that it is vain or selfish. I say though if we don’t love ourselves, how are we able to love others?

So this year, rather than panicking to find someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, I challenge you to stop searching for someone just for the sake of it.

Take yourself out for a nice romantic dinner or order in some fancy takeout that you've been craving. Send yourself flowers and chocolates to your office and when someone asks who sent them, proudly tell them you bought them for yourself to treat yourself.

Romance yourself and then have your way with yourself!

After you're beaming with self-love, it’s time to plan your single’s Valentine’s Day fantasy with these toys:

For the Ladies - Summer nights with your new best friend, Aurora.

Picture this Valentine’s Day solo date.

You’re lying in a blow-up pool, relaxing to the sound of scented bubbles popping softly around you. It’s still hot and sticky with the full force of summer, but now inky darkness surrounds you, giving you the perfect night sky above. Finger’s by Pink plays through your portable speakers, so you decide it’s time for your Magic Touch Aurora vibrator. After a risky reach that sploshes some water over the side, you grasp it within your hands, excitement fluttering in your chest.

You switch Aurora on under the cover of water, but rather than going for a final O, you want to draw it out. You flip her over and turn on the handle’s vibrations. Pink is still crooning to you over the speakers, singing to you everything you want to do to yourself. You let Aurora glide over the soft swells of your body, your nipples, belly until she reaches home and you feel that overwhelming sense of fullness.

As the song swells towards a final crescendo, you switch Aurora to her pressure waves mode. The invisible tongues caress your clitoris causing your body to shudder with unrestrained pleasure. Every beat of the drum, every lick of the guitar pushes you further until finally, you reach your peak, toppling over into oblivion.

Right there under the twinkling stars, your body drifts with the bliss of satisfaction. A quiet smile turns the corners of your lips as the next song comes on, ‘I Touch Myself’ by the Divinyls. Perhaps it’s time for a second round with your other Magic Touch toys.


For the Guys - an Orgy of Masturbators and Massagers. 

Rather than crouching over your computer with a palm full of lotion, I dare you to visit your local Club X and spoil yourself. Spend half an hour in the DVD room, looking at every corner, checking out the stars. Find yourself a new full-length movie you haven’t seen before.

Then, wander over to the masturbator wall, and pick yourself a Satisfyer Men Pressure Wave Masturbator. A single button sends out strong negative pressure waves, engulfing your penis from tip to base. As you increase the pressure, the air cushions adjust to tighten their grip around your throbbing shaft. Stay still and let it keep you on edge, or thrust your hips to run your leaking head along the textured walls. 

And for the piece de resistance, you find yourself at the anal wall, excited and nervous to try something different. The ZT Twisted Rimmer calls out to you, it’s a little bigger than what you are used to, but you pick it up out of curiosity. Rimming beads…twisting, milking shaft…powerful motors…10 vibrating functions. You close your eyes for a moment to feel the twirling beads massaging your walls, the rotating tip stroking your prostate.

You rush to the counter to pay, grabbing a bottle of Wicked Lube and Foam Toy Cleaner along the way. You feel a shiver of anticipation as you sit in your car, staring down into your secret bag of toys.

After all that, who needs someone else to enjoy Valentine’s day?

Browse the Club X Website for more toys to love yourself with.

For an online product similar to the Zero Tolerance Twisted Rimmer, check out the Adam and Eve 3 Point Prostate Massager.


This article was written by Club X Store Manager, Alice Gastaldi.

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