How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Love is one of those tricky things that most of us have experienced, currently enjoy or are searching for. When we find it, our lives change – food tastes better, the day shines brighter, everything seems so much more. All because you know someone is waiting for you at home, no matter what.

But sometimes we lose sight of what love is. We forget to show it every day because the little things in life take over. Work, children, stress, money make us forget to treasure and honour that special someone in our life. We tend to fob Valentine’s Day off as ‘just another overpriced hallmark holiday’, which it can be but only if we let it.

Valentine’s Day on a budget - the simple things

Remember that romance doesn’t need to cost you the world. Romance doesn’t need to be a fancy six-course meal with expensive wine and a string quartet in the background. Romance and Valentine’s Day is as simple as a foot rub for your partner that you normally wouldn’t do. It’s these small moments of tenderness that remind your partner why they fell for you, and you for them. So, this year, embrace the true value of Valentine’s Day, not as a hallmark holiday, but as a chance to rekindle your love. What does this look like?

A Valentine’s Day fantasy for the bedroom...

It’s your bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Candles light the room with their passionate flames. Behind you, familiar footsteps tread against the carpet, but before you can turn around, soft satin falls over your eyes. The first thing you hear is your partner murmuring sweet nothings into your ear, easing you into the seductive darkness of the blindfold. You have the chance to indulge in the room again with your heightened senses. Without sight, you recognise the earthy aroma of sandalwood wafting from the candles. Without sight, you feel your partner’s hands slipping into yours, leading you to the bed, laying you over the luxury of freshly changed sheets.

Massage oil then tips over your skin and for the first time, in a long time, your partner’s hands are gliding over your body. Not for sex, not in that desperate need to find completion, no, they are kneading your sore and aching muscles. Their hands following the dip of your back, the curve of your shoulder blades, the nape of your neck. As the oil warms underneath their touch, the scent of vanilla envelopes you, reminding you of easier summer days. You sink deeper into the bed when your partner’s hands slide down and grip your leg, pushing away the stress and anxiety of work. In this moment, you feel the connection again with your partner.


And, like any loving couple, you’re faced with a choice. Cuddle while watching your favourite show, the one you’ve been putting off for so long, or, lose yourselves in a night of passion where your bodies clash with the longing desire of reunited lovers.

Recreate the fantasy with:

Inspiration for your Valentine’s Day

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This article was written by Club X Store Manager, Alice Gastaldi.

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