Safe Kink Play Tips and Advice

Safe Kink Play Tips and Advice

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There are many ways tips and must haves to keep in mind before venturing into the world of kink play and fetishes. Listed below are important things to discuss with your partner to ensure that your desires are fulfilled in a safe and respectable way.


If you are going to play with bondage such as spanking, resistance-play or role-play, it is wise to establish a safeword. This is a code word that communicates to your partner that you wish to stop and should be a word not commonly used in the bedroom so that its meaning will be instantly recognised. Many people use a “colour-code” system assigned to emotions.



If you are going to engage in flogging, spanking or sensation play it is always wise to keep the activity below the waist. Light striking of the breasts is common practice, but the main point in this type of play is to stay away from the kidney’s, lower back or neck as this can interfere with vital organs, and to never strike someone in the face. Joints should never be struck either, and remember that a person who is bent over is more vulnerable to being struck while the muscles are in an extended position than a person in an upright position where the muscles are not extended.



Many people like the idea of silk scarves or nylon stockings to restrain their partner as they are perceived to be more “gentle”. This material is actually more dangerous than traditional rope for 2 reasons. The first is due to these materials having a tendency to pull very tight, causing knots to tighten dangerously, and secondly the risk of pinching against the skin can lead to nerve damage. If you feel tingling or numbness while restrained, a nerve is often being pressed on in a potentially damaging manner and you should communicate this to your partner in order to relieve the pressure.



Also known as “erotic asphyxiation”, “gasping”, or “erotic strangulation”, there is no “safe” way to engage in breath control. This is probably the most dangerous of practices as the risks associated are quite severe. The greatest danger of breath control is not strangulation, but the risk of a massive heart attack in the subsequent time period due to the effects of the act on the body. If this is an act you choose to participate in then make sure you know ALL of the risks involved, make sure you are qualified in CPR, know how to deal with coronary arrest and NEVER do it alone!



Keep a pair of “bandage scissors” handy when engaging in rope restraint or mummification so that you can quickly free your partner should anything go wrong, or if your safeword is used. Bandage scissors can be found in a first aid kit or at your local chemist and have a pointed upper blade, but a blunt lower blade so that you can slip them under the rope or tape without cutting your partner.



Do not place anything over the mouth and nose simultaneously. If you gag your partner always ensure at least one airway is free from obstruction to avoid suffocation.



Above all when engaging in any kind of kink, bondage or BDSM acts always ensure that before you commence your session you trust your partner and you have a clear line of communication with them.


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