How To Clean Your Toy

How To Clean Your Toy

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 Ensuring you have a clean and hygienic toy before and after use is one of the most important things you need to consider when using your Adult Toy. Bacteria, dust particles, and residual lubricant or bodily fluid left to breed on your toy before and after use can cause a host of medical issues, such as thrush and urinary tract infection… resulting in an embarrassing trip to your GP.


The following can be followed in order to ensure your toy remains in hygienic standards:

  • If your toy is phallic in shape, you may apply a condom to the body of the toy. This will eliminate skin to toy contact and will reduce the severity of possible bacteria on the toy’s surface, but remember that condoms are lubricated and your toy WILL still need to be properly cleaned. Should you be purchasing a toy with a premium material like silicone, you won’t want to apply a condom to the toy as the silicone material is what you want to feel against the skin.


  • Use a COMPATIBLE lubricant with your toy. There is NO excuse for using bad lubricant. Use Pjur, Swiss Navy or Jo Silicone Based with your non-silicone toys and LELO’s Water Based with your silicone toys. The wrong lubricant can be a definite deal breaker, and can not only tarnish your toy, but create porous breeding grounds for a host of bacteria, odours and stains that can be causes of thrush and urinary tract infections. NEVER use budget lubricants such as KY Jelly or Vaseline for your toy, as these substances are highly abrasive and will allow bacteria to grow rapidly, rendering it unusable.


  • When it comes to cleaning your toy, remember to always clean it BEFORE and AFTER use. Start by purchasing Chux Wipes as these are fiber free and will not break down during the cleaning process. Simply wring the wipe out until it is damp and wipe off any excess bodily fluid or lubricants. Wring out your wipe again and apply a high quality Antibacterial Cleaning Spray on at least 75% of the toys surface. Swiss Navy or Pjur are the highest medicated formula on the market and is ph BALANCED, so as to not irritate the vagina or anus, and are anti-viral & anti-fungal for extra protection. Now that your cleaning spray is applied, use your damp wipe to thoroughly wipe the spray across all surfaces of the toy, ensuring nowhere is missed. Should you feel your toy needs more, simply give it another spray. Now you can let your toy air dry [this eliminates contaminating your clean toy], and store the product back in its original packaging. This will keep it safe from dust particles and sunlight.


NOTE: Your toy should NEVER be cleaned with any liquid other than a specific toy cleaner, and never with soap, as these products often contain fragrances and are alcohol based. These substances are NOT designed for internal use and can cause serious harm to the body. Ask your Club X Sales Assistant for your Antibacterial Cleaning Spray.


Some helpful information from friendly staff member Marinda S, Brisbane Store manager, 199 Elizabeth Street Brisbane, QLD, 4000. Ph: (07) 3210 1144

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