Preparation for Anal Play & Prostate Stimulation Q & A

Preparation for Anal Play & Prostate Stimulation Q & A

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Q: How do I prepare for anal play? Can I stop anal play from being uncomfortable and even painful?

A: The best way to ensure you are clean and well prepared for anal play, either solo or with a partner, is to use a douche prior to activity. There is a range available in online adult store from basic units to those with attachments for added stimulation. By rinsing with lukewarm water until the water runs clear and finishing with a cleansing of cool water to ease the anus, you can ensure you are well prepared for anal penetration.

By using silicone lubricants that create a microfilm over the pores of the skin, no friction or possible tearing of the membrane of the anus will occur, thereby creating a starting point for comfortable anal play. Ask our staff about silicone formulas, these are the best lubricants to use for anal play, 5 mins spent massaging your lubricant in to the anus prior to play will increase blood flow to the area, allowing for greater ease of penetration and increased stimulation.


Q: How do I prepare for anal sex? Can I stop anal sex from being  painful?

A: So we have talked about cleaning & lubrication these are important, but the most important thing is TIME! Before attempting anal sex, we need to have experienced orgasm through anal stimulation and play. We recommend solo  toy play to begin with, so whilst masturbating the use of a small toy such as beads or a plug, so we can experience, in an controlled environment, simultaneous heightened pleasure from both our vaginal/ shaft masturbation and anal play. Moving up through a variety of sized anal toys is recommended.

After we have experienced and learnt the pleasures of anal play invite your partner- NOT FOR ANAL SEX, but for anal toy play. Try oral sex with anal toy stimulation and work your way up to vaginal intercourse simultaneous with anal toy play. Your partner must be patient, you must experience pleasure before this can become part of your bedroom repertoire. Giving your body time to adjust and relax to anal penetration is important from beads, to smaller plugs to large anal toys and even your partner, going too big, too fast or too hard will lead to a miserable, painful experience, and most likely no repeat performance.


Q: Where is the prostate and how do I stimulate it?

A: The prostate, or “P-Spot”, is located approx 6-9 cms inside the anus almost directly behind the location of the scrotum on the anterior wall of the rectum. The best way to access this highly concentrated location of nerve endings is by laying on your back with your legs in a raised position. Inserting your fingers and curving them upwards towards the front of your body will allow you to locate your prostate. The prostate is often referred to as being the shape of a “walnut” and is identified as a raised ridge along the wall of the rectum where an abundance of nerve endings meet. The fingers are the most flexible of items you can use for anal stimulation and it is recommended to become familiar with the location of your prostate before inserting your toy.


Q: Am I able to achieve a hands free stimulation of the prostate?

A: YES! Hands free stimulation, or “milking the prostate”, is the most intense form of orgasm a male can experience and can be achieved with certain specially designed toys. Prostate T-Bar toys are ergonomically and anatomically designed for perfect stimulation of the rectum, prostate and externally the perineum, by a method of contracting and releasing the sphincter muscle. Several Prostate toys are L-shaped and are designed for those who do not wish to have perineum stimulation and is used in a rocking motion in an upright position.

Some helpful information from friendly staff member Marinda S, Brisbane Store manager, 199 Elizabeth Street Brisbane, QLD, 4000. Ph: (07) 3210 1144

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