Basics of Erotic Foreplay

Basics of Erotic Foreplay

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What is it?

Roleplaying can be a really fun and exciting way to introduce a whole new element of fun to the bedroom (or wherever else you might play). It provides a great way of living out your wildest fantasies and having mind blowing sex! Role-play works on the principle of taking a relationship that already exists and applying it to a sexual framework. This is often done where there is a clear power imbalance. For instance, the relationship between a police officer and a civilian/criminal has a pre-established set of “rules” that can guide how the people involved interact. This extends to nurse/patient, professor/student, police/criminal etc. your imagination is the limit!


I’m new to role-play

The first and most important thing to do with role-play is communicate with your partner/s about what it is you want to try. This is vital as communication is a cornerstone of consent and is the only way to make sure everyone involved has a good time. If you want to try role-play but you aren’t sure what to do, a fun and easy place to start is by going to a bar and making up a character and trying to “pick up” your partner/s as that character. Club X has a range of clothes, sexy lingerie, costumes and accessories to help you get into character!


Consent & Trust

Consent is the most important thing in all sex acts, and roleplaying is no different, regardless of the scenario. A good idea is to use a safeword or traffic lights system to communicate during the scene without having to totally break the fantasy. A safeword is a word that you typically wouldn’t say during sex that is easy to remember. This word is decided on before a scene and means stop everything. Alternatively, a colour system like traffic lights works great. Red means stop, yellow means ease up/change what you’re doing and green means “that is amazing please don’t stop!”

It is also important that if you are in the power role, that you listen and respond immediately to all safewords, a safeword when stated removes consent from the fantasy. The subservient role is trusting you to listen and respect their requests.


BDSM, kink and fetish

Roleplaying is a great way to live out those fantasies you don’t mention to people. Consensual non-consent (powerplay fantasies) is incredibly common and totally achievable through role-play. It’s important though to communicate and be aware of everyone’s limits. A great way to start in Consensual non-consent (CNC) is with a character pairing where a power imbalance exists. I.e., cop/civilian, professor/student etc. It can also be super fun to reverse the power dynamics in these relationships. Family fantasies are also common, and easily achieved with role-play. 


Pet play

Animal Role-play is the act of roleplaying as an animal in an erotic context. This can be sexual or asexual in nature, and is focused around the relationship between an animal and their master. Pup play is common, and may involve the pup dressing up in a mask and tail, and behaving in puppy-like behaviour. Common mainstream examples of animal role-play include the playboy bunnies and sexy kittens.


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