Lingerie is for all Women and Body Shapes

Lingerie is for all Women and Body Shapes

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International Women’s day is about recognising women for their achievements, and building support for women’s participation in economics, politics, community and everyday life. Club X has invited store manager Alice Gastaldi to write an article for this year’s International Women’s Day.

Why do we wear lingerie?

Lingerie is armour for the everyday individual.

No one needs to know you have it and no one needs to see it. All that matters is you know that it’s there, that you can feel that satin brushing against your most intimate areas. When you’re facing off with that customer, lingerie helps you do it with your head held high, screaming inside, ‘You don’t know my dirty little secret. It makes me more powerful!’

There are so many options. What lingerie is there for me?

When it comes to sexy lingerie and selecting the right piece, it can be a daunting task.

Do I pick something sleek and elegant, or over the top sex on legs? Do I get something that covers my belly that I am embarrassed about, or do I wear something that shows off all that I am in all my glory?

For someone inexperienced at lingerie shopping, all the choices out there can be overwhelming. As with all shopping, the question comes down to what do I choose?

There is a wide variety of lingerie to pick from including babydolls and chemises, corsets and bustiers, teddies, bodystockings, bras and panties, and hosiery. This is just a sample of all the amazing goodies out there that fall in the lingerie bracket.

Choosing lingerie personal to your body

The optimal way to discover the best lingerie for your body is to figure out what shape your body is.

A handful of body shapes that most of us know are the hourglass, rectangular, triangle, inverted triangle and apple or round.


An hourglass shape is defined by a wide bust, narrow waist and wide hips. The bust and hips will often have similar measurements.

Hour Glass Body Shape

Hourglass figures tend to be able to rock any style out there, but nothing can beat the killer combo of a two-set matching bra and panty, paired with a garter belt and Cuban heeled thigh high stockings. Although, a body-clinging Rimes body stocking will bring out all your curves to their best, making you feel sensual from head to toe.


A rectangular shaped body tends to run along with an hourglass figure without the curves of its sister body shape.

Rectangle Body Shape

Corsets can help cinch in a waist and create curves where there wasn’t any. You can achieve a similar result with bustiers that hug the body and show off all you have in its magnificence.


A triangle shaped figure is defined by smaller top measurements, a defined waist and wider hips.

Triangle Shape Body

If you prefer to focus attention on your top half, a flowing baby doll, which helps lifts your breasts and hides your hips, will help bring out your inner goddess. However, if you love your curvaceous hips and don’t care who knows it, an erotic bustier that hugs your body tightly and lifts your breasts can be the ultimate ‘I am WOMAN hear me ROAR!’ statement.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle is the triangle body reversed. Those of us who are top heavy with broader shoulders and larger breasts, but a smaller waist have inverted triangle figures.

Inverted Triangle

When looking for lingerie for this body type, try and focus on pieces that accentuate your bum and waist such as a teddy. They help slim down your shoulders and bring life to the lower part of your body. If your fancy goes more towards two set pieces, aim for simple bras but choose panties with vibrancy to take the focus off your top.

Round or Apple

Round or apple shaped body is a top focused body with a large bust, full waist and narrows hips.

Round Body Shape

A camisole or baby doll is wonderful with this body type as it brings shape to the bust and gives for flowing fabric to cover around core. If you want to try and bring definition to your body, shapewear can help you create the perfect silhouette for that date you want to impress.

At the end of the day, these are just recommendations because everything comes down to one simple truth.

You can wear whatever you want.

Lingerie is about empowering you and making you feel erotic and sensual. Your body shape does not mean you cannot wear that seductive teddy with thigh high stockings just because you have a rounded body shape

Wear it because, despite it all, you feel like a goddess in it.

All that matters is that you feel like the sexy, empowered individual that you truly are. What you wear doesn’t make you sexy. It is you who makes the lingerie sexy.

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