Why You Need to Give Rabbit Vibrators a Chance

Why You Need to Give Rabbit Vibrators a Chance

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Much like a Hollywood dream, rabbit vibrators became an overnight sensation after appearing in Sex and the City (‘The Turtle and the Hare’ Season 1, Episode 9). Charlotte, the most traditional and prudish of her friends, insist the girls can do better than sex toys, ‘a vibrator does not call you on your birthday...’ After trying the new sex toy obsession, she is fully converted, confessing to Carrie that she once ‘came for like five minutes.’ Coincidentally, she has a long-distance phone call that night, so she can’t make it to the ballet. Watch the iconic scene here:


Obviously, Charlotte has no phone call to make, but the question remains, are rabbits really that good? With new designs and innovations, such as high-quality materials and separately controlled motors, rabbits have evolved from their original model to something quite spectacular. Perhaps the better question to ask is when was the last time you really tried a clit and G-spot vibrator? 

On our journey to discover the magic of dual stimulation, let’s start with the basics.

What is a rabbit vibrator? How do they work?

It is an insertable sex toy. The shaft is smooth for penetration while the small arm, which extends from the base, is designed for clitoral stimulation. It looks something like this:

Rabbit Vibrators Diagram, g-spot and clitoral stimulation

The clit teaser is often shaped like a rabbit or its floppy ears thus earning the name ‘rabbit vibrator’. As you insert the shaft, the ears press against your clitoris.

What makes rabbit vibrators feel so good?

Unknown to some, there are several ways to achieve orgasms. You have the choice of teasing your clit, massaging your G-spot and stimulating your many other erogenous zones. Each method and body part will lead you to different climaxes with unique sensations and qualities.

A rabbit vibrator is able to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris at the same time. As you might have already guessed, this allows you to experience simultaneous G-spot and clitoral orgasms for intense blended pleasure. The additional clitoral play also makes penetration more enjoyable. If your clitoris needs attention during penetration, then a dual action vibrator is definitely a toy worth considering. Read Club X product reviews for an honest and personal opinion on rabbit vibrators: 

I’ve already tried a rabbit vibrator and it’s just not working…

Using a sex toy can feel like an awkward game of which part goes where? This is a valid experience worth addressing. Everybody has different shaped bodies and unique anatomy layout. The space between your clitoris and vagina will differ from someone else's, or maybe your G-spot is positioned further inside. Like finding the right fitting clothes, it’s important to choose a sex toy that understands your body.

If the ears won’t reach your clitoris, seek out a bunny with an elongated, flexible clitoral stimulator. When you’re struggling to find your G-spot, locate it easier using a curved shaft. Sometimes it strokes all the right place but you need more. Achieve stronger vibrations with a powerful bodywand rabbit vibrator.

New features and designs mean that it’s now easier than ever to find your ideal vibrator.

I’ll give it some thought. For now, suggest some vibrators I can use

When buying a sex toy, it’s important to note the pleasure functions, material and perks. After considering these three points, you’ll be in a better position to decide if it’s the right toy for you.

Budget - Magic Touch G-Xstasy 

For stimulation of three erogenous zones, we recommend the Magic Touch G-Xstasy:

Pleasure features: Besides 6 vibration modes and 5 speeds, G-Xtasy has a bonus U-spot teaser along the shaft. What is the U-spot? It’s an erogenous zone located above or either side of the urethral opening.

Material: The shaft and clit teaser are made from silicone that can last a lifetime with proper care. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, meaning it’s a great alternative for those with sensitive skin. Avoid using it with silicone lubricants as it can degrade the material.

Perks: G-Xtasy is waterproof and USB rechargeable so it’s easy to clean, prepare and travel with. The vibrations only rise to a low hum for private, uninterrupted pleasure.

💡 PRO TIP: During oral sex, press the vibrator against your cheek for added tremors. This subtle and slightly humorous technique can help you introduce toys into the bedroom.

Middle - Satisfyer Pro G-Spot 

For clit play that feels like oral sex, we recommend the Satisfyer Pro G-spot :

Pleasure features: Instead of ears, the Satisfyer features a clit suction arm that delivers throbbing pressure waves and erotic suction. This new touchless stimulation is non-numbing and gentle enough for people with sensitive clits without sacrificing pleasure.

Material: Made from silky soft silicone for sensual body contact.

Perks: The controls feature easy-push buttons that separately adjust the pressure waves and vibrations. You decide how you want to be pleased.

💡 PRO TIP: Experimentation is key. Play with the controls to find out what settings your body likes most. It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing from the beginning but it could be by the end. Keep trying till you get it right

Luxury - We-Vibe Nova 

For a rabbit vibrator that you can truly thrust, we recommend We-Vibe Nova:

Pleasure features: Enjoy 10 vibration modes ranging from ‘Cha-Cha-Cha’ to ‘Wave’, but the real star of the show is the curved flexible clit arm. As you slide the shaft in and out, the clit arm is able to flex against your body, staying in contact with your clitoris.

Material: Made from silicone free from phthalates, latex and BPA, We-Vibe is a body safe and skin sensitive toy.

Perks: Like any great vibrator, We-Vibe is whisper quiet, waterproof and rechargeable. What sets it apart from other vibrators is the We-Connect app. You can set vibrations to music, swipe to create your own, and even control someone else’s We-Vibe from another country.

💡 PRO TIP: Apply sensitizing oil to your clitoris for a warm tingling sensation that can increase sensitivity and lead to quicker, and more frequent orgasms.

Browse our rabbit vibrators collection to experience the pleasure of blended orgasms.


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