Light up your life with  LOVELIGHT

Light up your life with LOVELIGHT

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The Lovelight is a Superior Modern Penetrative Sex Toy that provides realistic training for men.

It is a masturbation aid designed to improve stamina and performance, improve your physical and mental health, while providing hours of mind-blowing orgasms. LOVELIGHT is an excellent training device that can help you improve your sexual stamina and technique.

It is an artificial vagina, oral or anal masturbator inside a solid outer casing, which looks like a torch, for discreet privacy.

Performance anxiety is a common emotion for many who are sexually inexperienced or who may have had issues with premature ejaculation.

Research has shown that masturbation can improve and help build endurance and performance. Your Lovelight is the perfect training device to help you be a better lover, improve your edging technique, while giving you amazing intense orgasms.

The LOVELIGHT is unique in design, ensuring your erotic sexual play is exciting, getting you off again and again as your sexual appetite demands.

The penetration into the soft tight love-tunnel feels so life-like, you may believe you are making love to the woman of your dreams, the one you thought was out of your league.
The LOVLIGHT will change all that.

 LOVELIGHT will become your favourite lover and best friend!

It is designed to simulate the natural experience of lovemaking due to the soft pliable material within the inner sleeve.

The tightly ribbed inner canal offers incredible lifelike stimulation that mimics the sensation of intercourse.

LOVELIGHT is like no other brand of sex toy. It is Porn Star Free in Manufacture, a unique and individual product just for you.

LOVELIGHT represents virginal innocence, like the woman that you may have fantasized about forever.

The textured love tunnel has a soft, warm pulling sensation to give deep penetration with variable thrusting pressure.

Your Lovelight provides that first-time love-making sensation

To ensure you enjoy a natural experience apply water-based lubricant for super smooth lovemaking.

Silicone lubricants are not compatible with your MAGIC TOUCH FUN LOVELIGHT.

We recommend Liquid Silk Water-based lubricant by Magic Touch Fun.

Regular Cleaning of your LOVELIGHT will keep it bacteria-free to ensure safe hygienic enjoyment as well as product longevity.

LOVELIGHT is exclusive to Club X Australia the home of MAGIC TOUCH FUN.

We will let you into a secret!  By inserting a M.T.F Dome Sensor Bullet into the NON-PENETRATIVE end of your LOVELIGHT

Magic Touch Dome


you will enhance your masturbation experience with enjoyable deep orgasmic vibrations.   

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