Sounds of pleasure

Sounds of pleasure

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SOUNDS or SOUNDING: the insertion of an implement (a sound) into the urethra. Sometimes referred to as Urethral Play


Not for everyone but don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Although female sounding has a following it is not as common as male sounding.

Males, or any gender with an appendage either like playing with their penis or they like their friends or partners to play with it.


Most males have tried all different variations of masturbation to get their rocks off outside of sexual intercourse.

But of course the enjoyment of sex is much broader than an orgasm from intercourse or masturbation.

Many people enjoy the thrill of Bondage and discipline or sadomasochism without an orgasm and equally many people enjoy the sounding experience.


In fact the sale of sounds almost doubles each year meaning more and more people are enjoying this new sexual pleasure.


Unlike a medical procedure, if you are in a relaxed mental state and have professionally made sounds such as those distributed by Club Steel then you can open another world of sexual exploration.

Starting slow with a Club Steel sound and a plentiful supply of Magique liquid silk lubricant you are ready for a totally new and exciting sexual experience.


Do not be in a hurry, make sure the sound is well cleaned preferably with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Also make sure the area around the opening of your urethra is clean.

Then most importantly start with a sounding rod that comfortably fits your urethra opening.

Very slowly allow the sound to push down in the urethra. In most cases gravity is sufficient force to allow the sound to enter the urethra comfortably. Contrary to your initial expectation there should be minimal pain or unpleasantness. In fact the sensation can be quite stimulating.

The sound will come across sphincter muscles as it passes down the urethra. When first coming across the sphincter proceed more slowly just gradually using enough force to allow the sphincter to open without any pain.

To the contrary many users say this is one of the peak sensations you will encounter.

 Why would I use a Sound.

 The urethra has many nerve endings and can create a sensational sexual excitation that cannot be achieved in any other more traditional sexual encounter. As previously mentioned passing the sphincter can produce an intense sexual arousal that once experienced you will want to try again and again.


The other dimension which is growing in popularity is to have your partner or a Dominatrix actually take control of insertion of the Sound. This adds to the excitement as you have relinquished all control to another party. Obviously it is important that person is someone you can trust not to injure you in the process.

If B&D is your thing then this is the piece de resistance of this type of sexual play.


Yet another sensual reason is that many supporters of urethral play claim you can orgasm from extending the sound even further and moving the tip of the sound gently around so it will massage the prostate.


Finally some people use sounds to actually enlarge the urethra either in a form of play or for the purpose of preparing for a piercing. Many practitioners of sounding like the sensation of expanding the urethra and find this very sexually arousing. This fullness is best achieved with the Hegar type of sound (solid sound from top to bottom, some hegar sounds have a slight curve to more easily follow the urinary track). Another version is sometimes called the rosebud and the end of the sound has a urethral friendly shaped knob or rosebud but the rest of the sound is much thinner. Many beginners start with the rosebud and then progress to the stretching hegar units.


Obviously some care in practising Sounding must be taken. There are physical limits and to try to exceed them with force leading to pain could be dangerous. Most importantly keep the sounds very clean and if using a partner make sure they understand the risks and is certainly someone you trust. Best not to do this under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always be in control and proceed slowly as it can be a very different but energising and pleasurable experience once mastered.


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