Christmas In July: Are you Naughty or Nice?

Christmas In July: Are you Naughty or Nice?

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Without the obligatory silly season commitments, don't you think July is the perfect time for you and your lover to celebrate Christmas? 

It's a time for cosy warm fur rugs, sexy lingerie, and lots of sex toys for pleasure, arousal and experimentation.

New toys, costumes, fun lubricants, and perhaps a few experimental items in the bondage range can guarantee Christmas will come twice a year in your household!





Erotic role play is one of the most intimate sex-play experiences a couple may share. Sharing and talking about sexual fantasies, even without acting them out can be sexually fulfilling and arousing just on their own. Sexual Fantasies are normal and healthy when all participants are respected and participating consensually.

Sex in winter can sometimes need exciting elements to help you get in the mood so think about warming lubricants that will have your genitals tingling with delight while enjoying, perhaps, the stimulating Clitoral Aurora Vibrator or Magic Touch Butt Plug. You will be hot and orgasmic in record time.



A warm bath, spa or shower with your lover is fantastic for hot sex and the perfect time to give those water-proof toys a workout. Check out the speeds and vibes to be sure you have earth-shattering orgasms together. The Magic Touch range of water-proof sex toys offers an extensive selection for all genders and Magic Touch is exclusive to Club X.





Sox in bed? Yes! Research by Dr Rob Alex Mission has shown that when your feet are warm, you have a better chance of reaching climax during lovemaking. Sexy pull-up thigh-highs should do the trick or if you're feeling extra festive, how about matching Christmas socks or stockings? They do call it the silly season!



This Christmas in July is all about you so be sure to take control of your sexual health and wellbeing.

We've taken 20% off some of our most popular products as a little gift to you!

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