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Magic Touch Fun Whip Black Jack

Magic Touch Fun Whip Black Jack

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A high quality vegan friendly balanced flogger to create an intense adrenaline fuelled experience with your partner. Ideal for beginners and experts alike.

You are there with your lover kneeling before them, you look to them awaiting their next command. “Open wide” they spoke softly, your lips parted slightly before you felt the smooth texture of the MT Blackjack forced into your mouth.

“Now be a good little submissive and go to bed and on all fours” said your partner as they gripped on your leash pulling you to the bed and you crawling behind them and getting on the bed. As you get comfortable on the bed your partner smoothed their hand over your ass and then SMACK! Their hand made contact with the fleshy part of your ass “MMPH!” you grunted a little feeling the sting of the aftermath your teeth clenching against the hilt of the flogger. Again your lover spanks your ass more frequently until your ass was nice and pink. Your lover look to you “do you want more submissive?” asking in a commanding tone, you nodded and your lover takes the MT Black Jack back before hitting your ass. “MMMM!” you groan in sheer ecstasy as the flogger is used on your already sensitive ass, feeling the adrenaline coursing through the veins of your body

● ‘Warm up’ the area that you're going to be flogging by sensually spanking your partner till that area is nice a rosy
● Practise makes perfect! Either use a partner or a pillow to get your technique just right!
● Get acquainted with safe-words or the traffic light system
● Avoid the tailbone, spine, kidneys, face and neck
● Aim your flogger so that the tips land first to avoid ‘wrapping’ (This is when the tips of the tails overlap the desired area, causing injury elsewhere.)
● Be gentle with the soles of the feet, calves, genitals and breasts

We recommend that you pair your flogger with Magic Touch Collar with Leash and Magic Touch Paddle.

Make sure that your flogger is cleaned with a clean cloth and Magic Touch Toy cleaner. Spray the cloth and run the cloth along each of the falls then the handle. Store in a clean breathable material pouch or hanging in a cool dark place.

● Lightweight and balanced
● Made with Vegan leather (PVC)
● Excellent for beginners
● Value for money
● Easy to use
● Sturdy design
● Balanced
● Length: 42cm
● Weight: 107g

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