Magic Touch ‘The Winner’ – Cliterally

Magic Touch ‘The Winner’ – Cliterally

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When Magic Touch named this toy ‘The Winner’ they weren’t effin’ around. I’m in my mid 30’s so I remember the first ‘Rabbit’ toys that came on the market in the late 90’s/early noughties. When Sex and the City profiled this innovative toy, every woman who’d seen it had to have one. I was enamoured by the design, it’s clear jelly exterior where you could see the ball bearing rings that moved up and down to replicate the feeling of being penetrated, plus the ‘rabbit ears’ were to stimulate the clit whilst being penetrated; it was ground-breaking at that time. What wasn’t ideal about the original ‘rabbit’ was the phallic shape, rather large size and rigidity of the device. As the years pass products have become better designed, body safe and hi-tech so today's products can be really impressive if you get the right ones.

Are you ready to have your mind, g-spot and clitoris blown? I sure was. I bought The Winner on the Club-X website. It arrived in discreet and protective packaging with a USB charger and a soft, velvety draw string bag inside to keep it clean. The product was already charged and ready for me to have some fun; Gone are the days where we have to buy batteries or wait to charge before use. The size of this toy isn’t alarmingly large (like many) and the shape looked like it would hug my G-spot quite nicely upon penetration. It’s clear that Magic Touch have taken inspiration from the original rabbit, but have made vast improvements such as: Making it out of body safe silicone (remember to only use water based lube with silicone sex toys), it’s USB rechargeable, waterproof, isn’t shaped like a real penis (not all people that use these toys like cock), and most importantly, The Winner is flexible and moves with you and your body. The ‘bunny ears’ or the clit tickler as I like to call it is soft and really flexible. I found with the old rabbit design was that the ‘bunny ears’ were too rigid, and the clit stimulation was the wrong kind of intense on my sensitive clitoris.


I’m not a patient person, I’m also a fan of finding those dopamine hits whenever they present themselves. I love to have sex and live with my partner, but I also LOVE playing with myself. I’ve been in the longest relationship with ME and I’m still the best root I’ve ever had. To expect a partner to be your only pleasure giver is absurd, self-love is a very healthy part of your sexuality - Remember to intentionally have ‘me time’ every once in a while, and stop shaming your partner for masturbating, it’s healthy and isn’t a reflection on your sexual abilities; Not everything is about you, accept wanking *wink*.


Alright so that day The Winner arrived, I gave it a wash with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner and hopped on into the shower. Another way to help your partner enjoy your ‘me time’ is to let them know that you’re having it in another room and to listen out for your orgasm, it drives them WILD with anticipation. I worded up my woman that I was jumping into the shower to try out my new toy which invited a moan and smirk from her. I enjoy a shower wank for a few reasons; getting warm, wet and steamy plus the acoustics when I orgasm really carries the sound. I love a waterproof toy so was glad to see The Winner would enhance my shower time. As I entered the water, I began to feel relaxed as the warmth ran over my body. The texture of The Winner was lovely and soft, I enjoyed how the water beaded lightly on the surface. I held the power button, which was well placed and easy to find, placed the tip of the toy onto the front of my pussy and started to explore through the 10 different settings. The first long vibration setting was nice but a little too intense, I was easily and intuitively able to reduce the intensity by pushing the left button to reduce the power. I switched through all 10 settings one by one whilst holding the tip on my slit, I wanted to know what all of my options were. I found a pulsating setting that made my pussy start to clench and moisten, I thought this might be the one to begin with. As I rubbed the tip along my slit, I got wetter, wider and ready to be penetrated. I turned it down to the lowest intensity to begin with so I could adjust my technique and get the most pleasure out of this baby. I really liked how pliable the shaft and ‘clit tickler’ both were as peoples body shapes differ considerably from human to human.


Once I located my G-spot internally and got the ‘clit tickler’ just below the sensitive tip of my clit, it was like every star in the universe began to align and a feeling of euphoria proceeded to overwhelm me. The pulsating mode had short pulses with one long one, it edged me for a good couple of minutes and I relaxed in that pleasure for as long as I could. After another minute I got greedy, I wanted more so I started to slowly up the intensity as my pussy was numbing a little from the vibrations. I knew as I increased the intensity it wouldn’t be long before the stars fully aligned, and I’d be creating the next big bang.


Knowing that my partner was in another room of the house listening out had me incredibly aroused throughout, I started to move through the other 9 settings so I could experience them all before I blew my load (I told you, I’m greedy). I looked for the next pulsating setting because as a bisexual woman, I love the feeling of penetration. I could feel myself clench around the shaft and a deep groan started to make its way from my tummy right up through my throat. (Don’t forget my partner is sitting in another room on the edge of her seat waiting to hear when I would blow). I began to shudder uncontrollably and no doubt the neighbours would once again wonder what’s happening through the paper-thin walls. The grunting got louder as I finally succumbed to an earth shattering simultaneous clitoral and G-spot orgasm whilst yelling the bloody house down.


As I quickly turned The Winner off to give my sensitive genitals a chance to cool down, I could hear my girl shout out to me “OHHH MY DIRTY WOMAN” I smirked to myself and blinked through blurry eyes, feeling content that I’d created the worlds second big bang and soaked my girlfriends knickers and it was only 10am.


Renee Russo




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