For Them: Sex toys and products for trans and gender non-conforming folks.

For Them: Sex toys and products for trans and gender non-conforming folks.

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At Club X we feel most passionate about providing pleasure and for someone to experience pleasure they must at first feel comfortable. Assigning sex toys and products to a particular gender can be quite limiting, so we've compiled an extensive collection of toys and products that can be used by any human regardless of their gender. 

Here you'll find vibrators, dildo's, butt plugs, kink and fetish items, underwear, strap-on's, strapless strap-ons, lubricants and more!  (Remember when using silicone toys to use a water-based lubricant as silicone lubricants can degrade silicone toys).

We recognise that in the past our products and marketing may have appeared quite binary and limiting, so we've consulted with members of the LGBTIQ community in order to start making our products and shopping experience more inclusive and comfortable for everyone. Many products on the market are marketed towards particular genders, for example vibrators and dildos are usually marketed to "women" but these products can be used on all kinds of genitalia. In the same way that products such as butt plugs are marketed to cisgender gay men, these products can be enjoyed by anyone who has a butthole. These are just a couple of examples, but we hope that by making these important changes to our shoppers experience we can lead the adult industry in designing and marketing their products in a way that isn't so gendered and therefore limiting. For example, making pink toys for "women" using size 6 women on the packaging is something so many folks just cannot relate to. In fact this kind of imagery is off and encourages body shame for anyone who doesn't fit into these outdated ideals. We believe it's time that we started listening to people's desires and providing products accordingly.

In our "For them" collection you'll find iconic trans masc porn star Buck Angel's products which are specifically designed for Trans men and non binary people (with clitorises) to be able to "jerk off" in a way that hasn't been possible before. For a lot of trans and gender diverse people using hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) they experience changes in their genitals from wetness/dryness, sensitivity and growth. You'll also find within our range a dilator kit which trans women often use after their gender affirmation journey. There's a lot of potential for more innovative products to be created going into the future and we're looking forward to seeing what happens in this space and being part of it. Until then, we've got some bits 'n' bobs to get you started!


We want to listen to you and we'd love any feedback or recommended products that we should stock in future.  If you have questions regarding any of the products and how they can be used, please get in touch! 


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