How to Buy Adult Toys Online Without Regretting your Purchase

How to Buy Adult Toys Online Without Regretting your Purchase

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Nothing compares to buying a new sex toy. The primal need for pleasure will have you tearing into the package, bits of shredded cardboard thrown across the floor. The excitement continues as your rush through the instructions and bring out the lube. Unfortunately, this can all end in disappointment as you realise the toy is doing nothing for you.

To avoid having your sex dreams crushed, here’s what Club X recommends you consider how to buy adult toys online without regretting your purchase:

Take some time to work through concerns you have about adult toys

Your state of mind can affect how you enjoy sex toys. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about using them, it becomes difficult to relax. Some common concerns include preferring toys over your partner or becoming desensitised to touch. Sex toys do neither, they only add to your fantasy, and the pleasure you experience alone or with other people. If you need further reassurance, seek out sex-positive resources or try talking to a supportive friend.

Think about your body and lifestyle needs

How did you achieve your last mind-blowing orgasm? Do you have a busy schedule? Better understanding your body and the life you live will help you find the most pleasing toy. For example, if you need strong stimulation, but you're short on time, reach for a powerful, but easy-to-use bullet vibrator. It about what the toy can do for you and how it fits into your everyday life

Research the finer details of your chosen toy

Besides telling you how the product feels good, the description should describe function and material. If you plan on hopping into the shower, your toy needs to be waterproof. For long-term use, look for lasting, non-porous materials such as silicone, glass and metal. Those with sensitive skin will benefit from hypoallergenic silicone. It’s these smaller details that help you decide if the product is right for your body and lifestyle.

Be patient and practice using your toys

Learning how to pleasure yourself takes time. After a number of attempts, you’ll adjust to a large dildo, or find the right position for your fleshlight. If practice isn’t making perfect, take a break and look at what others are doing. Reviews offer personal experiences and technical advice. Porn lets you peep into other people’s sex lives for inspiration. Being curious is an easier approach than pressuring yourself. It’s exploring that leads you to creative techniques and unexpected sensations.

With an open mind and a more relaxed attitude, browse our adult toy collection to find you satisfaction.

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