3 Most Popular Sex Toys for Sale

3 Most Popular Sex Toys for Sale

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Let the people decide! Picked according to best-selling, here are the 3 most popular on-sale items. Browse the on-sale collection to find other discounted toys, including premium products, all year round. It’s worth checking out if you're looking for quality adult toys at a more affordable price.

GC Vibrating Rabbit

What sets GC apart from other rabbit vibrators is the settings. With 36 speeds of vibration, you can start from a gentle hum and work your way to earth-shaking tremors. For an internal massage that will have you gushing, there’s the 8-pattern rotating shaft.

How to use it

To fully explore the functions, spend some time alone to discover your favourite combination of vibration and shaft rotation. Thanks to the showerproof design, you can take your sexual exploration into the privacy of your bathroom.

Customer Review

Absolutely amazing product, got all the right spots. Loved it and recommend for every woman or man” Read more reviews here.

Premium Rub Silicone Blend Lube

Blended lubes have the extra slick, long-lasting touch of silicone, and the non-stick ease of water. It’s the best qualities of silicone and water, combined into a single lubricant. No longer do you have to worry about constantly reapplying lube or staining the bed sheets.

How to use it

Like waterbased lubes, silicone-water lubes can be used with all materials including silicone. This means you can enjoy the thick and smooth texture while riding your large dildo or inserting anal toys. It’s recommended that you test the lube on a small area of the toy before use.


A great smooth lube, a small bit goes a long way!” Read more reviews here.

Basix Beginners Butt Plug

Now that anal play is becoming less taboo, many are taking their first steps with small butt plugs. Featuring a narrow tip for easy entry and a flared base for safe removal, the Basix Beginners plug is an ideal toy for the anal curious.

How to use it

Always begin with plenty of lube. From here you can insert the plug for whatever purpose suits you. Keep it inside during foreplay to warm up for anal, or wear it during masturbation for an enhanced climax. Playing with butt plugs can help you work up to bigger anal toys such as prostate stimulators and strap-ons.


“Great product and fits perfectly." Read more reviews and write your own here.

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