Article: The Pocket-Size and Discreet Vibrators

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Sexual intercourse is done with a beloved to convey physical intimacy. It is a human thing since Adam and Eve, generations after generations. Here is a resounding question, what redeems the day when “Love Tunnel” misses “D-train”? The stand is, not all single ladies can go for a booty call when their cherries start to glaze amidst on a lonesome night. You do not seize a man along the road to do cha-cha with you under the sheets whenever you feel like it. The fact of the matter is, we can never outrun our urges. There is a starving gizmo in our human system, and by any means we must feed it.

Every woman has a physiological itch that calls for an empyrean scratch. But I am throwing a question again, who would be allaying your midnight cravings when you have no one in the first place? Now, I want to ask, would you rather govern your panting pinky to pacify your untamed fancies, when actually there is a better food for your feminine hunger? On the table is an easy and discreet solution to a girly predicament.

This is your personal bliss we are trying to satisfy with a pocketsize substitute.

As offered, there is an alternate way of bringing a steamy dream into the walls of reality.  

A stick, which has the likes of quasi love muscle that is. Call it “bullet vibrator” or just simply “egg vibe”. Indeed, today’s technology has been building trails to every woman’s seventh heaven. This wonder thing gives you the drive to fly solo with a shifty route to cloud nine. Let us not to be naive, we humans, are intended to comply with our bedroom needs. Now, how would you choose between the slow Captain Winky and the throbbing mini Mister Happy? Allow me to bring another issue to light. This is rapidity versus size. To get a purr from a woman, a man must maintain a stabilized speed on bed. Size gets the bleeding ouch while speed gets the deluding meow. Yes, size does not matter to begin with.

Remember that a jet plane can get you higher in the sky in a  couple of blinks, so does a small and powerful pleasure toy to the zenith of your orgasm right after singing ABC.  You rule the battery-operated boyfriend, play with it however you wish to. Jump in a sexy picture minus the river of sweat and some possible sexually transmitted disease. No worries after eating a plate of aphrodisiac oysters because something is set to rescue the wet princess, and it is not the brawny prince. You know what! Men have toys, so do women. By the way, are you grabbing one now? Perhaps two. Enjoy!

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