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For many people, choosing a sex toys is a personal experience that involves finding the product that meets their individual needs. This can be a daunting task considering the hundreds of styles and varieties available. From large and powerful to small and dainty, there's something for everyone -- and something for every occasion. CBX sexpert Miss T will go through the basic information, features and definitions of different types of vibrators to help you choose the right sex toy perfect for you and your needs. The range of toys compared in this video: small bullet vibrator(stimulator), smooth sleek simple vibrator, g-spot vibrators, rabbit vibrators, Swan Vibrator, Wevibe 3, Dildo

Hi I’m Ms T

I’m here to show you a range of different products which are often spoken about, There is such a range of vibrators for things suitable for beginners, through to quite high-tech vibrators with different features and functions. Having a look at something simple a little stimulator here which has the control on the base and a smaller model which have the stimulation for the surface area. So whether it will be nipples, clitoris, for him or her you can get creative with it, but it’s something simple so you can get used to the vibration. So something like this dose actually have different heads so you can interchange for a different sensation, whatever you please. So I say it’s something that’s universal for both partners but something simple to start off. Something else that would be considered suitable for a beginner a smooth, sleek, simple vibe. Something smooth, sleek and with simple controllers at the base, so to turn it up high and down low, so u have the variation of the vibration but not too many controls to get confusing, just something to get used to the vibration on the body weather its used externally just to rest against the body parts or you’ve got the option to penetrate it. So whether it be some of the vibrator, all of the vibrator that’s up to the individual but it is nice and simple to use and get used to.

Other products that are spoken of are the g spot vibrators. You can recognize these with the curve on the end of the product. They do come in varying shapes, this one being Thinner and longer, where’s something a little big wider and shorter. So they do serve the same purpose, one it dose start to curve its targeting the g-spot, with a control on the base to push through the different functions. As well as the straight vibration you’ve got the different rhythms and pulses. So that really does change the enhancement of the product.

These do have similar controls to be able to use to press through but with a different shape, the width, the size and also the feel of the product you can find something that suits yourself.

Other Vibrators that are spoken of are the rabbit. A product like this with the stimulator on the side is what’s commonly known as a rabbit, they do come in different shapes and sizes, when it comes to the shapes on the stimulators. Having a look at something similar witch you do have the stim on the side. These guys have made their product out of medical grade silicone. It is a seamless product. Simple controls imbedded into the material. This is actually made rechargeable as well, so rather than a battery pack you have a charger that plugs strait into the base and its completely submergible as well

Video and Article By: CBX Miss T
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