Sex Ed: A Detailed Guide To Using Lubricants

Sex Ed: A Detailed Guide To Using Lubricants

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A lubricant is any substance used in order to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact. Personal lubricants share the same purpose as those for machines -- to reduce the friction! Less friction means more pleasurable sex and masturbation!

A 2013 study showed that 90% women felt positively about using lubricant among 2451 women aged between 18-68. As for men, lube not only boosts pleasure, but also prevents damage or abrasion to delicate tissues!

Why Should You Buy Lube?

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness can occur due to a variety of natural reasons such as lowered levels of estrogen, hormonal imbalances or simply natural biology. Proper lubrication is necessary to avoid pain and cuts during sexual activity.

More fun for oral sex.

Flavoured lubes are highly recommended for oral sex. Pleasant scents such as banana and vanilla improve the experience of oral sex considerably. Also, a good lube will not breach the balance of oral health. More info below: Osmolality graph.

Smoother sexual sailing while using sex toys

Using the right kind of lube with your sex toy means having an effortless experience. But this might not always be the case so watch out for compatibility issues between toys and lubes. For example, silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone toys. Refer to the Lube and Sex Toys Compatibility Table to find out more.

Extra joy: Warming/ cooling/ Tingling

Some lubricants have special features, such as warming, cooling and tingling. These lubes feel different when they come in contact with the skin. They can provide warm sensations, cool sensations or tingling sensations. Try one of these to experience slightly more than the standard lube.

Classification of lubes


Water based


Oil based

Hybrid (Water & Silicone based)


  • Lighter
  • Smoother
  • Easy-Cleanup
  • Non-Irritating
  • Compatible with most condoms and sex toys
  • Cheaper 
  • Long- lasting
  • Shower-friendly
  • Compatible with non silicone toys
  • Long- lasting
  • Silky feel/Slick
  • Good for masturbation 
  • Natural feeling
  • Longer Lasting


  • Dries quickly
  • Not shower-friendly
  • Destroys Silicone Toys
  • Harder to wash off
  • Costly
  • Destroys Latex
  • Hard to wash
  • Not condom compatible
  • Not good for vaginal sex
  • Destroys silicone toys
  • Not as effective for massage

Find a Lube That Fits Your Needs Best


Vaginal Sex




Massage/ Foreplay


Lube type Recommended

Water based/


Flavored Lube

Water based Lube

Water based

Oil Lube

Coconut Oil

Oil Lube

Silicone Lube

Oil Lube












Latex safe

Silicone- friendly


Silky feel







Products recommended







Note: Test before use!

  • If your skin is sensitive, do a spot-test on your inner arm or high thigh in advance to make sure you don’t get allergic reaction.
  • Apply some lube on your toy to make sure it’s toy-friendly. If the toys become sticky or gummy, you need to switch to another lube.

Lube and Sex Toy CompatibilityLube and Sex Toys

Things to Considered When Buying Lube


Here are three ingredients may cause irritating or even infections: Glycerin, Petroleum, Parabens. Check the ingredients list while purchasing.


Osmolality is a measurement of how much solid can be absorbed in water. Every lube formula has an osmolality. It’s good to know osmolality of the vagina, mouth, semen and anus as listing below, you can choose a lube with right osmolality that fit your purpose better.

Vaginal Mucus ~260-290 mOsm/kg

Colon Lining ~920 mOsm/kg

Human Semen ~260-380 mOsm/kg

Tap water ~3 mOsm/kg​

PH Balance

Same logic applies to pH balance. You will want a lube which its pH close to vagina’s pH balance because breaking the balance may cause bacterial or yeast infection. The pH scale ranges are from 0 to 14. Anything below 7 is acidic. A normal pH range for vagina is between 3.8 to 4.5 which is slightly acidic. However, it may fluctuate during menopause and pregnancy.

Ideal indexes for lube:

Indexes For Lube

How to store your lube? Tightly close the bottle and store it in dry and cool place. Keep it out of direct light and heat. Oil-based lubes may become liquid at higher temperatures. Lubes can be stored in the fridge but not necessary. Using up lube within one year is highly recommended. 

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