Sex Ed: 3 Ways to Try Soothing Temperature Play This Winter

Sex Ed: 3 Ways to Try Soothing Temperature Play This Winter

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When you're wrapped up in layers of cosy knit with a mug of tea in your hand, taking off your clothes, even for sex, doesn’t sound like the best idea. It’s understandable that you want to stay warm, but winter is three months long. Unless you’re going into a sexual hibernation, which you could totally do, you’ll need to find ways to keep your pleasure flaming in the bedroom. Temperature play offers the perfect solution.

What is temperature play?

When your dribble hot wax onto someone, or run an ice cube along their inner thigh, that’s temperature play. It’s using extreme temperature to create intense sensations. Besides enhancing your pleasure, hot temperature play also increases comfort and builds arousal, making sex during cold weather more appealing.

How to practice temperature play safely

Before using heated toys, products or objects on more sensitive areas, test the surface against your hand or inner arm. If it’s too hot, give it time to cool down. Everyone has their preferences, so only go as warm as you or your partner prefer. Open communication and consent will help your decide limitations.

Now that safety has been discussed, let's slide into the thermal waters of soothing temperature play:

Keep a bottle of warming lube in your draw – Beginner

Before you pull out the burning candles, start with a bottle of warming lube. It makes for arousing foreplay as you massage a small amount around the nipples, genitalia and other erogenous zones.

The heating elements found in the formula produce a tingling sensation and encourage blood flow to heighten arousal. If you’re playing with toys, slather warming lube along the surface for added sensory pleasure. It’s the quickest way to add warmth to your passion that’s stimulating and relaxing.

Pleasure yourself with self-heating toys – Intermediate

Yes, they exist, but what do they look like? Each self-heating toy achieves a warmer touch in its own way. As you thrust inside the Vivid Raw Hot Pussy Stroker, reusable heat rods warm the inner canal. The Rechargeable Wilbur - Warming(Purple) Rabbit Vibrator  features a heat mode for a meaty shaft that slides warm against your walls.

Built-in heating technology means these toys can often stay warm throughout use for lasting satisfaction. Be mindful that you might not have the option to adjust the temperature, so it helps to always test the surface first.

Heat up your own sex toys for a blindfolded surprise – Advanced

Learning to heat your own sex toys allows you to achieve your perfect temperature. The most common method is to submerge your toys in boiling or warm water. How does this work in the bedroom?

 Glass Dildo

Blindfold your partner first to heighten their sense of touch. As you begin foreplay, leave a highly textured glass dildo, such as the  Icicles No. 31, in a bowl of warm water. When it’s hot enough, caress the surface against their skin and insert it gently. The warmth combined with stimulating nubs creates an unexpected but highly erotic surprise.

Other materials such as metal and silicone are also effective at absorbing heating.

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