Top 10 Vibrators Of 2022

Top 10 Vibrators Of 2022

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Whilst vibrators are amazing, with so many options available we know that finding the right one can be a bit of a jungle to navigate through.

Never fear, your Club Xperts are here so get yourself a cuppa or top up that glass, we've got some reading to do or view our full range of vibrators

1. Magic Touch Aurora

Give your Vulva and Clitoris some love with the amazing air pulsing Aurora, which when placed in the vulva area over the clitoris will emit pulses of air and light vibrations that create a sucking sensation. The Aurora is the only sex toy to receive 10/10 from all our product testers consistently. The Magic Touch Aurora will give you an orgasm in less than 60 seconds and have you begging for more. The Aurora is a double ended powerful Vibrator. When inserted, the pulsating action will give you a deep vaginal orgasm to maintain your ecstasy. It's available in pink or purple, waterproof, rechargeable and exclusive to Club X.


Magic Touch Aurora


2. Magic Touch The Winner Rabbit Vibrator

Every woman NEEDS a Rabbit Vibrator that will ensure endless orgasmic pleasure. The Winner by Magic Touch is exceptional in design, made from soft high-grade silicon with dual action motors to stimulate your G Spot while the external vulva clitoris stimulator is heaven sent. You can take this baby into the shower or bath and added bonus? It is incredibly quiet. It will have you screaming and calling your own name repeatedly. Amazing.

Magic Touch Perfect

3. Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a clitoral, vulva sex toy ensuring great enjoyment. The Air Pulse Clitoris Stimulator provides non-contact clitoral sucking pressure-wave technology, ensuring earth-shattering orgasms, leaving you shuddering in ecstasy. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is not a vaginal sex toy but it's waterproof, rechargeable and is available in glorious Regal Bronze.

Satisfyer Pro 2


4. Magic Touch Atom Little Boy

For intense powerful stimulation or for a toe-curling tease, look no further than Little Boy Atom. “Little Boy” in name, not little boy in nature. The Atom is a quiet sensual massager for the most intimate areas of your body, while providing intense body massage for tired aching muscles. The compact Atom is waterproof and makes an excellent companion in the bath or shower. As a non- gender specific toy, it's for independent solo pleasure or stimulating sexual pleasure with partners. 

Magic Touch Atom

5. Romp Jazz

Romp between the sheets, moving to a new rhythm of dual stimulation and intensity levels internally to your G-Spot, while thrusting to orgasm with intense sucking stimulation to your clitoris. Romp Jazz is a Rabbit Vibrator that has your orgasms covered efficiently and effectively. Time poor? The Romp Jazz has you covered.

Featuring soft, High-Grade Silicon, with Dual Motors, six Vibration Modes, four Pattern Modes, Waterproof and USB Rechargeable.

This is an affordable range of products making it an excellent beginner Sex Toy.

Romp Jazz

6. The Magic Touch Royal Wand

Give yourself the Royal Treatment with the Royal Wand by Magic Touch. It's a vibrator AND it provides exceptional deep tissue massage for every area of your body. The ultimate double trouble. Huge tick from us! 

The Royal Wand offers multiple vibrations and modes, powerful but low      humming vibrations, ultra silicon and  100% Splashproof.

Magic Touch Royale Wand

7. Lelo Enigma Clitoral Stimulator

The Enigma by Lelo lives up to its name, a product that has its own classification - FABULOUS. At the high end of the pricing scale this one is worth the extra $$$. This is a luxurious dual action sonic massager designed to titillate the vulva and clitoris external area while internally massaging your G-Spot for an orgasm so intense you will think you have left the planet.

Featuring modern best sonic wave technology this amazing toy flutters in all the right places, without direct contact to your clitoris. The silicon stimulator is designed to absorb the sonic waves, sending them back to your clitoris for a passionate erotic sensation. If you are yet to achieve a dual orgasm via clitoris and  G-Spot simultaneously, then this baby is for you. Whether you are craving clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration, the versatile Lelo Enigma will fulfil your deepest fantasies. The Enigma is 100% waterproof and is therefore an ideal companion in the bath or shower. 

Lelo Enigma

8. Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty is a product with a mission, driven by Lilly Allen to promote and empower women to enjoy masturbation and solo sex, endorsing the natural and beautiful enjoyment of our own bodies. The Liberty is a brightly coloured, clitoral sucker vibrator, featuring a unique innovation called Pleasure Air Technology, stimulating your clitoris without direct contact. Gentle air vibrations suck and massage together resulting in deep orgasms. With six different intensity levels you will be sure to find the perfect setting for your every mood. 

Womanizer Liberty


9. Magic Touch DOME

Unlike other physically small bullets, this sex toy is in a class of its own due to the powerful, low frequency motor vibration generator. This is no ordinary bullet. The DOME is without doubt the most impressive vibe available today and punches well above all other Bullets. Solo or with a partner, this pocket-sized rocket will allow you to get your rocks off in the most amazing locations! 

Magic Touch Dome

Magic Touch Prostalator

Vibrators for men, you ask? This fella is a pleasure machine and results in the ultimate male orgasm. Anal Play has never been more exciting! The stimulator curves to massage the prostate with rumbling vibrations in ten different speeds and sensations. Powered by a strong but whisper quiet motor this male vibrator is an excellent sex toy that can help to boost libido and sexual performance.

The Prostalator is compact, USB rechargeable and waterproof.

Magic Touch Prostalator


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