Sex Toys for Women: More Than Just Vibrators

Sex Toys for Women: More Than Just Vibrators

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Whether it’s the colours in your food or the friends you keep, variety is what makes life exciting. The importance of variety also applies to your sex toys. Vibrators are undeniably fantastic, but there are other adult products worth considering. To help you explore new sensations, Club X has put together a list of sex toys for women that aren’t vibrators.

1. Magic Touch Aurora

The Aurora can have you orgasming within 60 seconds. If you’re rolling your eyes at such a bold statement, read the reviews. It’s the suction technology that makes this toy a stand out. As you slip your clitoris inside the smooth silicone head, 3 settings of suction work to mimic the pleasure of oral sex. If you need the relief of a g-spot massage, simply insert the handle and power one the 8 vibrating functions.

How can it add to my sex life?

Unlike traditional clit stimulators, the Aurora delivers contact-free, non-numbing stimulation. This means your clitoris remains sensitive for repeated orgasms. The rechargeable feature and low noise level ensure uninterrupted play.

2. King Cock - Strap On Harness With Cock 

The roles we play in the bedroom are beginning to loosen up. With a strap-on, anybody can try penetrating their partner. If you’re keen to give it a shot, consider a harness-dildo combo such as the King Cock Strap On. For realistic bareback pleasure, the dildo is detailed with veins along the shaft and a massaging bulbous head. The sturdy harness keeps the dildo in place during your thrusting passion.

How can it add to my sex life?

Stimulating the mind is just as important as the body. Strap-ons allow you to reverse the roles to enjoy sex from a completely different perspective. You have the chance to try out new movements or even adopt a more dominating persona. As anal becomes less taboo for heterosexual men, some are seeking out the ecstasy of prostate stimulation. Use a strap-on to impress them with a whole new kind of orgasm.

3. Anal Fantasy - Mini Silicone Plug 

Anal is deeply satisfying, but many are put off by the idea that the first time will always hurt. This is a myth. By starting off with a toy such as the Anal Fantasy Mini Plug, it can be as easy Sunday mornings. With plenty of lube, slide it inside yourself to practice relaxing during penetration. The tapered tip allows for easy insertion, while the flared based ensures safe use.

How can it add to my sex life?

Having a butt plug inserted during vaginal sex enhances your pleasure and your partner’s. The blub applies pressure to your back vaginal wall, increasing the sensations you feel. As you climax, you’ll clench around the plug, stimulating sensitive nerve endings found in the anus. Use a dildo during masturbation to achieve a similar experience. For your partner, a plug reduces the space in your pelvis, making your vagina feel tighter and more textured.

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