How to Build Your Very Own At-Home Sex Dungeon Without Breaking the Bank.

How to Build Your Very Own At-Home Sex Dungeon Without Breaking the Bank.

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With the massive success of the Fifty Shades franchise came a boom of BDSM in the mainstream - so if dabbling into whips and chains has piqued your curiosity, where to from here? We’re here to help you find all you could need to get freaky without forking out your life savings.

Whether you like to give up the reigns or do the leading, do things with style and comfort. Our Magic Touch range includes a collar & lead, cuffs, eye mask and ball gag all available in red or purple with nickel-free metal and soft padding. All adjustable and sturdy, this set is the perfect way to take ultimate control in the bedroom.

While you’re at it - who doesn’t love to be spanked? Tools for a good ol’ spanking are a must-have addition to your sex dungeon. Round out your complete matching set with the Magic Touch flogger and paddle, or shake things up a bit with this storm bringer whip, venom riding crop, or layered paddle - all sure to get hearts racing.

Up the stakes when you pull out the ropes and tie your partner down for ultimate pleasure using the Magic Touch Aurora - with three settings of air stimulated massage on one end and powerful vibration on the other, the Aurora is perfect for use on men and women (think vibration and suction on the nipples, clitoris, perineum and other super-sensitive spots!). With it’s two distinct toys rolled into one, the Aurora is perfect to keep things fresh and exciting in your dungeon - you and your partner will have a blast exploring and finding new pleasure spots to drive each other crazy with (but don’t forget to always have a safe word in place!). If you feel like getting even a little more playful, try adding this Kinky Nights Dare Dice to your toy box and leave the evening up to the roll of the dice, or try your luck with a kinky board game!

It’s always important to remember to stay clean while getting down and dirty, so don’t forget to wash your toys before and after use with soap, warm water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner (to really build anticipation and draw out foreplay, try making this a task for the submissive in your relationship to undertake prior to playtime.)

So now you’re all set with the beginning of your at-home sex dungeon and you haven’t spent a small fortune, it’s time to let loose and explore the corners of your sexuality and when you’re ready, stop by in-store or jump online to browse the rest of our huge BDSM range!

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