Hey Bro grow a mo! NOVEMBER is Men’s Health Month @ ClubX

Hey Bro grow a mo! NOVEMBER is Men’s Health Month @ ClubX

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In support of Movember - donate @ Movember Australia.

Your health is important to us at ClubX, and we decided that Health Sexuality and Lifestyle was our focus from our inception in 1975 and made it our mission statement.

November is the month to have your sexual health check to ensure your prostate, testicles and other rear assets are in peak condition.

 From our first ClubX store opening in 1975, we have been passionate and driven to provide our male customers exceptional products and information to ensure good health,  sexual happiness and pleasure, through all sexual phases of their lives.  

Sex is an important part of life not just to perpetuate life, but to ensure pleasure that assists our physical and mental health. Optimal male sexual health includes sexual desire which is necessary to get and sustain an erection. A healthy sex life is essential to maintain an exciting long-term relationship as it is to lovers. 

If you are sexually active at least twice a week you could be producing higher levels of certain anti-bodies that could assist your body to fight off germs and viruses according to recent research at Wilkes University Pennsylvania.

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Research also confirms that enjoying sex regularly will improve your libido and improve your performance.

Differences in individual’s libido is common, some people love sex and can’t get enough of it, while others find it a chore.

It is therefore important to be understanding with your lover and ensure you talk about what is pleasurable for them and what you like, be a considerate lover, however having sex with yourself is very satisfying and extremely enjoyable when you are pleasing only your own sexual desires.

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ClubX Sex toys for men are many and varied, from Magic Touch Love Light, a simulated Vagina Masturbators,

 Prostate Stimulators and other rear end pleasures.

 We also cater for more adventurous cocksters, with Sounding Rods, speculums, Cock Cages, Annal Hooks, at clubsteel.com.au

For our aging customers who take a little more time to get their rocks off, we have male performance enhancers as well as cock rings, that will keep n erection firm to ensure you have an orgasmic, ejaculatory experience. For those who may find it difficult to gain an erection, our Magic Touch Pennis Pump will help to produce an erection that is long lasting with a complementary Cock Ring that will assist to hold your erection in place. Erectile dysfunction may have many causes: side effects of medication, age, and cancer treatments, but we can help, our ClubX consultants are well trained and non-judgemental when assisting you with your specific requirements and product selection.

 If you’re a little embarrassed, and don’t feel comfortable instore, you could shop on our website at www.clubX.com.au

We guarantee discrete delivery and provide many delivery options for you to choose from:

   A variety of other Australia Post options are available.

 Whether you shop online or instore, ClubX provides a huge range of products to ensure your sexual fantasies and desires are fulfilled.

You should be assured if it is on your mind it is on the shelves at ClubX.         

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