Enjoy your sexual fantasies and role plays over the Queen’s Birthday weekend

Enjoy your sexual fantasies and role plays over the Queen’s Birthday weekend

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Don't miss out this Queen's Birthday holiday weekend. With up to 70% off selected lines there has never been a better time to buy yourself or your partner a surprise gift. Stocks are strictly limited so avoid disappointment and shop early.

 With unbeatable specials across all categories there has never been a better time to shop at club X. Check out our new ranges which include Nu Sensuelle, I Love Hemp and Jarliet Sex Dolls to name but a few. This is a once a year opportunity to grab yourself that very special gift you have often thought about but never actually received.

Indulge this long weekend and treat yourself to exciting sex that is adventurous and gorgeously kinky. Taking time to explore new ways to enjoy experimental sex.

 An extra day to be pampered and enjoy leisurely love making, with no time restraints. To sleep-in, with no alarm clock to interrupt the pleasure of morning sex, that is long lasting with all your favourite toys.

Do a little planning, shop early at Club X to be sure you have the products you need to enjoy your sexual fantasies and role plays over the Queen’s Birthday weekend. Treat yourselves like royalty, by picking up some hot sexy lingerie, new exciting sex toys and costumes to spice up your sexy weekend.  The extensive ranges of flavoured lubes, massage oils and creams along with a huge range of massagers and dildos in many different styles and colours that will allow you to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

 Bedroom Handcuffs

What excites you in your sexual roleplays? getting handcuffed, being blindfolded, surrendering control during sex. Enjoyable BDSM is exciting and has many different ranges of intensity, starting with 50 Shades of Grey, to mainstream BDSM, which is very intense. Outlining the boundaries and agreeing on a safe word, allows you to enjoy your sexual fantasies safely.

Couple in Bedroom

Talking about your sexual fantasies with your partner, allows you both to discuss them and eliminate any shyness or embarrassment. Sexual fantasies are completely normal, like having sex in unusual places, bondage, dirty talk. Sharing these intimate kinky thoughts creates exciting sexual desires that turns you both on.

Trust is important when asking your partner to act out a request which may be something like:

Tie my arms and legs while you make love to me.

I want you to blindfold me and tie me up and take me from behind.

I want you to cover me in chocolate and lick it off

I want to have sex with you in a lift.

ClubX has many ranges in BDSM soft pink fluffy handcuffs, whips, spanking paddles and feathers, to hard core black leather with studs. Our ranges have no limits just like your imagination.

Sexy Costumes

Role playing with costumes is kinky and exciting, with makeup, wigs and jewelery can help you feel like a different person, allowing you to become your fantasy person.

Some of these might be:

  • Sex worker and client
  • Doctor and patient
  • The Head of the house and servant
  • Rich hotel guest and room staff
  • Home delivery pizza guy and the movie star
  • Model and photographer
  • Lead singer in your favourite band
  • The Real Estate Agent and the Fussy Female Buyer.

You and your porn movie star.

ClubX has a fabulous range of hot kinky lingerie and specific role play costumes, for your specific sexual fantasies and pleasure.

Erotic role play is kinky and seductive, it adds fun and excitement to your sexual relationship. If you haven’t tried this before, start off small with perhaps, a soft mask, or fluffy soft handcuffs. Take it slow, share your feelings, talk to each other to ensure you’re both comfortable, and consenting at all times.    

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