Easter in a much sexier way!

Easter in a much sexier way!

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When you think of Easter it’s pretty likely that bunnies and chocolate eggs come to mind. Rabbits and eggs represent fertility and new life so if chocolate isn’t quite your thing, there are still plenty of ways to pay homage to the traditional symbols of Easter in a much sexier way!


The Egg


Egg Vibrator

Eggs traditionally symbolise new life, and what better way to bring some new life to your sexual pleasure than with a vibrating egg. These cute little guys are a great way to spice things up and add a little extra excitement into your life, whether you use them solo or with a partner. Their small size and rounded shape makes them super hideable and versatile, while the remote control allows for ease of use. What sets them apart from your standard vibrator is that their size and shape allow for them to be worn either internally or slipped into your undies, meaning your partner (or you!) can be in full control of some super sexy, super discrete public fun.


The Rabbit

 Rabbit Vibe

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrator which includes a shaft for insertion and a smaller, external portion resembling rabbit ears, for clit stimulation. The daddy of dual-stimulation toys, the rabbit vibrator comes in a massive range of colours, sizes and can include a number of special features such as internal beads, and thrusting. While particularly awesome for solo use, using rabbit vibrators during sex with a partner can also be majorly beneficial. Let me put it this way - imagine the ol’ patting your head while rubbing your tummy trick, now imagine doing that while looking sexy and aiming to make your partner orgasm, tricky right? Now take into account that all vaginas are different and that different movements and pressures will work differently for each individual, and you’ve got a whole lot to consider. Rabbit vibrators are an easier way to take the pressure off your partner during sex, while also giving them more of an idea of the stimulation that you enjoy!


The Egg-stras.


Rabbit and egg vibes are by no means the only way to add a little extra bounce to your Easter. If you’re fond of the rabbit style clit ticklers, there are also the options of rabbit-style rings, rabbits with anal stimulation, or simply the clit-tickler without internal stimulation. To bump things up to the next level with a fully immersive role-play, try teaming one of these with a cute bunny costume, bunny tail butt-plug, and some chocolate-flavoured lubricant for all your Easter treats rolled into one! Don’t be afraid to be playful, have fun, and if you’re still not sure, browse our online selection or head in-store for more options!

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