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Club X Oxenford Blue Class Cinema - Now Open

blue class cinema oxenford

Club X is pleased to announce the grand opening of our first Blue Class cinema in Queensland. Showing the newest released hardcore movies, come by and visit our state of the art adult cinema.

Club X Oxenford is located at 131 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford and open from 9am to 10pm seven days a week.

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  • Luke on

    Cum_hungry are you Male or female ?

  • Cum_hungry on

    Ill be there sunday 1:00 hungry for loads so bring full bags

  • horney2 on

    My wife is interested in visiting or being shared Saturday evening. 40yr bbw yet very sexy and giving. If interested please email juno12@live.com.au so she knows there’s interest and worth going.

  • DWan on

    Hey Hung1 when you planning to take the mrs in? It is a great place does have its good and bad days of course just like any place really
    Have been a few times but never any couples would love to see one there

  • SOme dUde on

    For people asking, I went last week. It’s a dark room with about 15 recliners in it and a massive projector which shows porn. Not really any hideaway corners.

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