Hens and Bucks Parties – Club X has you covered!

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That glorious time, between Football and Cricket seasons, usually means an influx of weddings. But what would wedding season be without the preceding explosion of Hens and Bucks parties across our great country!

Spring is in full swing, and it’s party time at Club X; We’ve got all you need for the weekend’s of ‘final flings’, you are about to celebrate with your friends.

Hens and Bucks parties are usually a weird mix of friends, family, work colleagues, soon-to-be in-laws and other assorted invitees.

Often you’ll need to break the ice with a few games, (drinking or otherwise) to get everyone relaxed and introduced.

One thing that will often get the group bonding is their vested interest in the fun or embarrassment being had by the soon-to-be married.

Feel free to dress them up in wild and funny outfits, remembering that, the day/night should really be about their fun, so don’t make them too uncomfortable for too long!

In days gone by, it was nothing to strip the Buck naked and tie him to a telephone pole. Things have changed a bit nowadays, but if that is still you’re plan, we have plenty of ‘restraint’ options too.

Come in to see our friendly staff at a store near you, who are more than happy to give you suggestions on the good stuff!

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