Introducing a Sex Toy to your partner

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People are often worried how would one ask for sexual favours from their partner. And introducing an adult toys to the bedroom is not an easy task(or is it?)Here are some tips that you could use.

Start a nice, friendly conversation with your partner. Wait when you are both relaxed (after having a glass of wine or two..) Anyone would be excited and redden when manoeuvring their senses of sexual exploration to their clueless partner. You might want to ask, if he /she thought about trying anything new in the bedroom. Guaranteed this question will be brought back to you, as you’re the one who opened the topic. You can emphasize that surely everyone has fantasies and thought about sexual desires at one point. You should start of with the easy ones like spreading some whip cream and to lick it off them, or tie them up or blindfolding them up and tease them a little bit. Wear a naughty costume or a sexy lingerie for her before making love. Or mention that you would love to try  a little vibrator bullet or a vibrating ring  on them.  It’s good to have some sort normality when you’re having this kind  of conversation, so that both of your personal desire can be discovered and revealed in a natural way.

Choosing  a sex toy

Browsing on the internet and visiting online sex toys shop or evenpaying a  visit to your local adult toy retailer together with him/her is the best way to do research without anxiety or awkwardness. It’s a whole lot of fun to do it together, so that both of you can giggle and discuss about what you see and what interests you. This experience can be a little bit overwhelming as there are thousands of sex toys to choose from. Visiting Adult Toy retailer, can be a better idea for you as all your queries ,requirements and recommendation, can be directly discussed with the friendly shop manager. But what sex toys should you purchase for the first time:

  • Pick something easy, basic and simple to use. It might turn your partner off by using a complicated and sophisticated toy before sex.
  • Be flexible. If any of you found the toy you’ve chosen was not suitable, that’s fine, put it aside and try something different. Ever body  reacts differently and has different needs, so you might not find the right toy right away.
  • Pick something that interests the both of you.

You should be patient

You may have convinced your partner to agree to try the sex toy with you, chances are they might change their mind due to many reasons (lazy to play, worried, doesn’t feel like …). It is their decision. Respect their choice and do not force the demand on them and leave them with the unnecessary insecurity. Be patient and introduce it slowly. You may want to mix it up with different toys, with different sex positions or try role playing. Remember sex toy is something to spice up and enhance your sex life and increase your mutual pleasure.

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