Club X is pleased to announce the grand opening of our Movie Preview Lounge in Queensland. Showing the newest released hardcore movies, come by and visit our state of the art movie preview lounge.

Club X Chermside is located at 842 Gympie Rd, Chermside QLD 4032 and open from 10am-10pm Mon- Sat, just 10am-8pm on Sundays.

For more information, visit

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  • Going to head in now till late Arvo if anyone’s keen up for anything respectful happy to watch or join in

  • Hey there guys and girls anyone going today at all

  • Any couples or single females interested in going tomorrow afternoon. Mid 30s male.

  • @ellie, I would say the single seat in the middle at the back, there is space in front of that seat before the double chairs at front

  • @ Ellie when can you go. I could not tell u you were to sit as only been chermside 3 times and always been guys only. Really hope to see female. Sounds inviting thing to do to take your top off. Would get me interested. Hoping to see female soon or might be it for me. We could hopefully help each other

  • Let us know when you’re going

  • Thank you. I’ve only been the once by myself. Sitting off to the side in one of the solo chairs and only approached by just the one guy. Others were in the back row helping each other out. Wasn’t sure if I should have tried sitting in the front row or back row instead. Or is it a matter of just sitting alone, watching the screen and taking top off? Just after the etiquette for having the best time and most opportunity. I’m half way between Oxenford and Chermside. Was going to try Chermside to see if it’s different.

  • If you post here when your going I’m sure you will have a few guys there waiting for you.

  • Oh really Ellie. Been a few times and seen no single females at all, still waiting. I would have thought anywhere but seems not.

  • after advice pls. as a single f visiting the centre, where is the best place to sit? I went to oxenfird once before and sat off to side and was only approached by one guy and gave a handjob. keen to place myself n the best seat to be approached.

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