Receive FREE rewards points every time you purchase any product in-store, or participate in our movie exchange program at Club X, simply by signing up as a member of Club Xtra, our store loyalty program.

Join the Club, and start accumulating points towards our long list of rewards, offers, and exclusive discounts.

Find out all the great benefits of our Club-Xtra store loyalty program, as well as the full list of rewards on offer, how to join, and the conditions involved here.

Current members and new, keep an eye out for an added exciting update to the program, set to go live shortly, where existing loyalty customers will be able to redeem their points online in exchange for Club X gift cards.

We’ll see you at a store near you soon!

comments (6)

  • Amanda Dawson

    I became a member years ago in store, but my purse was stolen and I no longer have my membership details

  • Will Haines

    Would love to join the club

  • Bonnie

    Where do i actually put in this information on your website?

  • Brittoney

    Heya Nadine,
    To login to the rewards club you need your loyalty number (this is the number under the barcode on the back of your loyalty card), your first name & surname and finally your date of birth in the form of DD/MM/YY (Please note the the year is just the last two digits so if you’re born on the 8th of August 1982 it would be 08/08/82). If any of these details are filled incorrectly in our system or flat out not filled in then you will need to drop instore or give your nearest shop a call.
    I hope this has been helpful!

  • nadine

    how do you log in to to the rewards keyring card (on the card it say clubxtra) thanks

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