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Article: Lingerie- Spice up your love life

What catches the limelight is said to be an "eye candy". In food, for instance, a garnish is added to make a particular dish more scrumptious. To get a better picture on view, envisage a slice of red meat on a plate peppered with veggies shaped as flowers and alongside are droplets of olive oil. Another example is a cocktail drink embellished with a slice of fruit or a teeny paper umbrella. The purpose is to create another source of attraction, the crème of the cake must I say. Same with clothes, we upgrade an outfit by accessorizing. People devise ways to snatch attention by all means. We bake spices for the eyes through style and art.

Conclusively, what is pleasing in the eye contributes a major factor in attracting a target. This idea can be used to a platonic marriage that is needed to be rekindled. First thing, ignite the bed. The flame of a married life feeds on the number of times we make love with our partner. Now, how do we set the fire between a couple if Mrs. Wife is in her oversized pajama?

The time is now for us to raid our boring closet. Replace granny undies with laced bras and panties.

Choose corsets and bustiers over lose shirts. Have stockings instead of bedroom socks or sexy costumes and erotic bridal wear rather than square dresses. Because what we wear flavors us up, so we have to make it a point to look sexy.

Every woman must complement the whim of his man by being his mid-dawn goddess. The main showcase is her appearance, so she better work on it. Keep the flare from glistening, a set of special occasion lingeries must occupy a permanent spot in her cabinet. She must be his complete bedtime cuisine by making herself not just the main course, but an appetizer and dessert as well. Men, on the other hand, should sometimes set the dress code by relying on their own taste. He needs to buy his woman a slinky nightwear once in a while. With a few bucks from his pocket, his spouse will escort him to an air-castle of his own fancies and arousing dreams.

After decades of being in a relationship, let us not be oblivious how in love we were in the early years. Physical contact is necessary. We must grow love with regular intimacy. Look into our lives, when was the last time we burned our bed with a beloved? Come on, blaze up! Shall we?

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Article By: Moon Goddess
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