BRISBANE, Australia — In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the Club X adult retail chain has announced the opening of its 40th store and entertainment venue.

The company said it has recently restructured its staff and made a series of internal adjustments to meet the growth of the adult retail business.
Club X opened in 1978 with the opening of the Shaft Adult Cinema on Swanston St. playing 8mm adult films to audiences for more than 20 years with estimates of nearly half a million men in attendance.

According to the company, the initial expansion of Club X in the early '80’s was focused on XXX cinemas and live entertainment venues. The first Club X branded retail establishment followed in 1983 and saw rapid expansion in “the heyday of adult retailing in the ‘90’s.”

The retailers said its stores have withstood the adverse affects on adult from the Internet and online shopping and is now expanding its base again as evidenced by the opening of its new stores — a retail outlet on Brisbane Road, Ipswich, and the takeover of the Adult X retail store and lounge located on the Gold Coast highway in Mermaid Beach.

Club X said it plans to close the Adult X lounge and expand the retail operation into a niche boutique store that better serves the ever increasing female market.

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